Where are online dating going?

Where are online dating going?
Dating services are seeing an increase in the number of active users as the pandemic begins. Lots of people are moving to remote study, work and feeling lonely. Where will this lead ?
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Just a few years ago, finding a couple on the Internet was considered a sign of insolvency. Now no one is hiding this fact. More and more people are finding fun on the Internet at https://www.fling.com/ . But you should always be careful and follow the rules of the site and your own safety. It is useless to deny the positive role of online dating. After all, in the past often met and even fell in love by correspondence or over the phone!
Pay attention to the manner of virtual communication of your interlocutor. Often cheaters correspond with many people, so they address the partner impersonally, avoiding names like "bunny," "pussy," "baby," and the like.