When the lucky value is Max

Can not be big, three girls pull half a day only to make the fish above the eye part, three people standing on the back of the fish are more than enough. Under the eyes of a group of villagers, how could Uncle Wang admit that he was worse than his daughter: "Oh, you.." This is so great! You are my good girl! In the face of Wang Erya's elated appearance, Uncle Wang smiled on the surface and moved his waist without any trace. Oh, my wife pinches me so hard. Wang looked at him coldly, the same bed for decades, she did not know what he wanted to say? Such a great contribution, how can because of the good face of the father, can helplessly lie, praise a word how! Through the joint efforts of the villagers, the big fish that was half dead was finally brought out. The fish looks like a shuttle, and familiar villagers have found that it is very similar to a fish called "silver shuttle". Niang Le, it's the first time I've seen such a big silver shuttle in my life! The villagers did not care about the differences between the fish and the silver shuttle,gear reduction motor, and directly concluded it. Yang Xiaoxiao three people did not help, but picked up a lot of small fish and animals and wild vegetables and fruits nearby. When they turned around, they heard the terrible news. What, this fish is still inedible?! "It's not inedible, it's just not easy to keep." Doctor Wang touched Yang Xiaoxiao's hair bun and calculated that he didn't care about the dry mud in his hand. He comforted the three dejected girls. "Now the weather is sultry, and the way to the town is not yet open. Such a big fish village will not be able to eat for a while and a half,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and it will probably be wasted." "What about that?" Yang Xiaoxiao asked. Will not raise it, such a big fish, it is better to kill it! Doctor Wang smiled gently and said, "We discussed it. While the mud was wet, we opened a way to raise it in the newly washed river." It's really raised! The three girls opened their eyes wide. Wang Erya patted her stomach and said hurriedly, "It doesn't matter!"! I can eat more! I can eat it! Zhao Xiuqing grasped the firewood knife: "The extra can be used to make fish sauce, which can be preserved for a long time!" Yang Xiaoxiao: "The hunting dogs in the village haven't had a good meal for a long time. They can also eat!" Anyway, the meaning of the three people is that they don't want to keep it. What a waste to keep it! And what if it runs away! Thinking so, the three girls' black eyes looked at the "silver shuttle". The dying fish trembled silently, eager to drill into the mud, trying to find some sense of security. Zhao Xiuqing immediately pointed at it: "Grandpa Wang!"! Look! It wants to run away! Big Fish: I'm not I'm not! But the three girls could not shake the adults' decision, Micro Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and watched helplessly as the fish that had taken a lot of effort to get out took half an hour to lead to the branch of the New River that had been washed out by the mountain torrents. Because when the mountain torrents hit, the lotus lantern covered the village, so the village was wrapped in it like half a duck egg, and the water rushing on the cover naturally flowed down, but formed a new river similar to C shape around the village. It was close and convenient, and there was only one narrow entrance and exit, so Dr. Wang could ensure that the big fish would not run away. Yang Xiaoxiao three people squatted on the edge of the river, watching the big fish swim around as if nothing had happened, how to think how unhappy. This fish was dying just now, and now it's so alive, it must have been faked just now! Yang Xiaoxiao's eyes were sharp, and he saw countless half-dead beasts floating in the main stream of the turbulent river. But her long stick broke when she overpowered the big fish, otherwise she could have stopped several. It's all meat. Wang Erya touched her stomach and sighed with emotion. Hey, Yang Xiaoxiao sighed, if only the stick had not been broken. Zhao Yun: [You can ask this fish to help you. It should be smart enough to understand you.] Yang Xiaoxiao: "No, what if it runs away?" The mainstream is not a small branch, slip away and the fish will disappear! [Cough! That's what I'm talking to you about. Zhao Yun suppressed his excitement. [Do you still remember the system mall that was activated when you drank Lingquan yesterday?] [Although it has only been activated for twelve hours, it has not been deactivated yet. You can buy something to subdue this big fish!] "But," Yang Xiaoxiao tilted his head, "didn't you say yesterday that I couldn't buy anything without points?" [Here's the thing.. After the system mall is activated for the first time, there is a lucky draw for the new couple..] Zhao Yun implicitly explained, it always felt that Yang Xiaoxiao had a kind of shit luck, last time she drew, maybe this time can also. [Ding ~ Sorry, you drew a blank area ~ Thank you for your participation ~ Next visit ~] Zhao Yun: [… …] Ah ah, mentality explosion! Why didn't you draw such a big blank last time? This time.. Zhao Yun looked at Yang Xiaoxiao's black and white eyes and paused. [Well, even if I didn't draw it, it's nothing. I knew the lucky value was useless..] [Ding! Sorry ~ The virus has just invaded, causing an error in the lottery system ~ The error is being liquidated-data recovery-you have won the golden prize "Fairy Yarn", and the prize will be distributed to the system space ~] [Ding ~ We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the system error. The main system hereby compensates 3000 points ~ please accept ~] Fairy Yarn: It is said to be the product of the failure of the refining of immortals. In fact, it is because someone entangled himself with the fairy yarn and became angry from embarrassment, destroyed his spiritual core and threw it down to the mortal world. Useless to ordinary things. Effect: Attack can bind all things to command them; retreat can defend oneself to surround and frighten them. Passive effect: retractable, the person who wears it will become beautiful! Zhao Yun: [… …] Silly me, really. I know I always get hit in the face. Why are you talking nonsense. # But it's great to be rich overnight! [URA] # Yang Xiaoxiao took out a bundle of fairy gauze from the space, which was very beautiful with soft and smooth white gauze,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and the eyes of the other two small partners were immediately attracted. As soon as Wang Erya opened her mouth to ask, Zhao Xiuqing looked at her and closed her mouth. Xiaoxiao, what is this yarn? Zhao Xiuqing skipped the origin of the white gauze and asked directly about its efficacy. It is certainly not useless to take it out at this time. ichgearmotor.com