Wesley 036 (Change of Head)

After the meeting between Professor Oss and the experts, it is natural to cut off the man's head first. He will be taken out of the room and pushed out on the bed. When he is pushed out, if I pretend to be him, I will have a chance to escape! I thought for about three minutes before I asked, "Your hair and eyebrows are so cleanly shaved that someone comes to shave them for you every day?" "No," the man shook his head. "I've been doing it myself for nearly three months. I have nothing better to do. I shave my head, eyebrows and beard every day. They tell me to do it." As he spoke, he pointed to another door, which was half open. The door was half open, and I had naturally noticed that there was a bathroom inside. I understood what he meant. His shaving kit was in the bathroom. I took a step closer to him. Suddenly, I punched him in the head. He threw himself back. I didn't expect him to be so big, but he was so easy to knock down! When he leaned back, I immediately lifted his body, and he had fainted! I punched him again, and then quickly took off the white clothes on his body, changed them on my own body, and stuffed his body under the single bed. I rushed to the bathroom and in less than ten minutes, I shaved off all my hair and eyebrows, and when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help laughing! Because I look so much like that guy! I knew that since the meeting presided over by Professor Oss had begun,small geared motors, I would not have to wait too long, and someone would come to me. I guess I was right. After only forty minutes, there was a sound of footsteps. I sat still on the edge of the bed, trying to imitate the man's posture. The door was pushed in without being knocked. I learned from the man's voice: "How long do I have to wait?" Of the four doctors who came in, the second one was actually Oss. At that moment, I was afraid that Oss would recognize me, but he did not recognize me. He came up to me and gave me a brief examination. I held the rocket gun in my hand all the time. The white dress was so spacious that it was not difficult for me to hide the rocket gun even when Professor Oss checked it for me. I did not make a sound,Planetary Gear Motor, because at this time, my own heart was also very confused, and I did not have a specific course of action. Now, of course, I can destroy everything arranged by the "soul", but after destroying all this, it will inevitably lead to terrible results, including the threat of nuclear war by the "soul". Orth examined me for about ten minutes. "This is a perfect body. I can do it." "Well," said the three doctors who were traveling with him, "we can begin." Professor Oss said, "Yes, inform the refrigeration system to prepare. We need to cool his body temperature to below freezing point before we can get his perfect body. The chairman's body also needs to be refrigerated. Everything will be carried out in low temperature. Everyone, I need your ability to cooperate!" As soon as I heard Oss say this, I was shocked. It seems that the current situation forces me to take action, Small Dc Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, because if my body is sent into the refrigeration system, then I will not have the ability to resist! When I lose the ability to resist, my head will be cut off, and my body will be operated on by Oss to connect with the chairman's head! I quickly stepped back into the room, perhaps because I looked very nervous, so a doctor said: "To strengthen his guard, you see, his expression shows that he is emotionally unstable!" Another doctor immediately gave an order on a walkie-talkie: "Send eight guards." It was almost a matter of half a minute, and in that half a minute, before I could figure out what to do, eight soldiers had come. At this time, this extremely regret, just why not simply kill the "soul"! When things need to be decided, if you still regret that you have done something wrong, then you will suffer losses. This was my situation at that time. While I was regretting, the strong arms of two soldiers had already hooked my arms. Then, almost suddenly, a doctor suddenly injected me with a needle. The doctor acted very quickly. The needle was inserted in my arm and pulled out immediately. As I stared, the doctor said, "Well, it's all right. You won't feel anything for the next few hours, but you'll still be awake. The operation must be done without stopping your brain. Otherwise, your brain will not work any more. Everything is voluntary. You don't have to be too nervous." I wanted to open my mouth and shout that I was not the man they had chosen to change, but by the time I wanted to shout, the drug had taken effect and my body had lost consciousness. As if my head had been cut off, I did not feel the existence of my body at all-although I could still see my own body. I no longer have the ability to speak, but my mind is very clear, and I know exactly what is going to happen: I will be sent to the freezer, and my head will be cut off! The sweat on my forehead came out involuntarily. One doctor wiped it for me, and another doctor shouted, "Professor Oss, look!" " Professor Oss turned his head, frowned at me, and patted me on the shoulder. "You can rest assured that your head will live until you find a new body. You will never die, and there will be no pain." Professor Oss added: "You are nervous, but you hurt yourself. If there is any mistake in the operation, you will not live!" With a wry smile in my heart, I thought I would have a chance to get out by dressing up as the headman. But who would have thought the result would be like this! What about me? What about me? No matter how resourceful I was, I was at my wits' end, and even if I had a way, it would be difficult to put it into practice, because I couldn't move at all! I would rather be unconscious, then, when I regain consciousness,Gear Reduction Motor, even if I find that my body has disappeared, I have to accept the fait accompli! Now, I am soberly approaching the terrible truth step by step. ichgearmotor.com