US ends aid to Palestinian refugee agency Unrwa


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Where are all the other Arab counties supporting Palestine? not our problem we have enough of our own!

I do not support genocide, I am supporting my own Christian country as should all Arab countries support Palestine, is this happening?

Elizabeth Richardson, but you're okay with the even bigger monetary support that the U.S. provides to Israel?

Elizebeth. Just shows your ignorance. The ARE Christian palestinians as well as atheists. Get educated on this issue please!

The UK is a Christian country? Less than half of the population follow any religion at all.

I am Luigi but there are more even numbers on every side so you tell me where the problem started ? and I am not un educated!!.

You guys created most of the problems though.

When we simplify a problem too much we miss the chance to solve it. Not all Christians abide by the same interpretation of the Bible and with Islam or any other religion for that matter is the same, cultural and historical reasons influence people's views. By the way the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been fueled by Christians for many decades now.

So we should not support Palestine, but instead support Israel who is oppressing and killing Palestinians? And BTW, the US is not a christian country. I am not a christian but that makes me no less an American than you.

Really racist Elizabeth? So the billions we pay to Israel which is now an extremist nation and the missiles we give them to murder civilians are fine, but aid to refugees is where you draw the line?

The Arabs have twice offered full ( war support) to Palestine against Israel. US flexes economic power in Israel’s favour. Come on??? Don’t be so short sighted.

Elizabeth Richardson you are on this matter, the US is a very diverse country made up of Immigrants from all over the world! the only true Americans are the American Indians! the rest of you are just visitors.

Elizabeth Richardson
You sound uneducated because of your utter ignorance. Don't cry about the diserning opinions after ignoring the billions the UK and US give to Israel--- Billions and billions used to kill Palestinians. You can't cause the problem then pretend you have no accountability when you don't like the outcome. That's a predatorial perception.

Hilary Patchwork Platt I am not an American I am a UK citizen.

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The money has been used by Hamas ( a terrorist organisation) to dig tunnels and reward suicide attacker and other acts of violence ( they call it martyrdom). The money is meant for the well-being of children, and instead they are being taught hatred and violence. Money could and should only be used as a way to make good things come true, instead it is used as a way to measure corruption.

I feel bad for them but how many countries do we have to keep helping. Let some other country help out for a change.

$3.8 billion a year in military aid to Israel for the next 10 years to help them finalize their status as a Jewish ethno-state.

It has nothing to do with that I don't agree with any of it we are in so much debt yet we come to the rescue whenever something happens. We aren't the superheroes of the world.

Randall Halls not because the refugees are a risk but because those countries are racists, backwards and selfish. Their rulers only care about their power and getting richer. Just like Trump.

Please stop "helping" other countries so we can at least hope for peace.

In some countries they pay for the aid in the way of giving up political power and will to the US.

No one seems to be objecting to the billions Israel gets!! If there were even a semblance of fairness in our foreign policy regarding the way we treat the Palestinians versus the Israelis, it would go a very long way toward peace in the Middle East!

Peter Buhbey - Palestine is a geographical region, known since Antiquity, being mentioned in an Egyptian Temple from around the X century B.C, and by the Greek historian Herodotus, around V century B.C..
It is also a state recognized by 136 members of the United Nations, partially occupied by Israeli citizens and military forces since 1967!

Mia Hays if you don’t want to be treated like the superheroes of the world then perhaps stop treating the world like your own playground.

They celebrated when the WTC came down. Not feeling it.

With all due respect to the Palestinians, they should be wondering why the corrupt ultra-wealthy Arab nations, such as Saudi Arabia, are not stepping up and paying more towards the fund. The fact that the US has been paying this much thus far should be appreciated, not ungratefully criticized.

It was sham anyway, I hope the world steps up to end the suffering and oppression of Palestine.

So Sad. But it's been a long time coming. We need to help our own. Some countries just need to learn to take care of their own people for a change.

Aid becomes a crutch becomes a dependence and eventually robs the intended aid recipients of their drive and ingenuity to rescue themselves.

yes the United States sucks. signed, an American.

Don't argue with this, you will be called an anti Semitic racist!
Anyone questioning Israel foreign policy is hounded - anyone questioning US foriegn policy is hounded - anyone backing Palestine is called a traitor and is hounded!
Regional hegemony, Black Gold and the Petrodollar is the all encompassing evil in this world.
There is no hope.

Its about time !

Well done .

This is another disgusting slap in the face to a country that is being ravaged by our ally Isreal. To those who are not aware of how Isreal came about, check out the history of Isreal's founding at the end of WWII.

They still got $60m from US. Like every major govt organization, it wastes money like there’s no tomorrow. They long have needed a wake up call to fix their finances and actually help displaced peoples more than themselves.

Its amazing to read so many opinions that only reflect a lot of ignorance of world history and of the events that have lead to the situation lived in many áreas of the world today not only talking about jews, árabs, palestinas, sirians, but also refugees from so many countries where the economies, culture, ways of life , have been destroyed by the "good guys" .. Everyone should read from a broad spectrum of information not only from one point of view or position..

The “Palestinian Authority” is a terrorist organization, therefore giving these killers money should be considered a criminal act !