Trump says to meet North Korea's Kim in Vietnam in late February


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He's finally going to Vietnam!

While he is gone lets build a wall so he cant return!

Wow, this February Romo finally made it to the Super Bowl and our dear old draft dodging President finally makes it to Vietnam. Hope his bone spurs don’t flair up.

I love my president!!! He revolutionized what really is to be an American patriot!!!! God bless him for eternity.

Well our taxes are down. I like that. I also like that I get to keep my guns and defend myself against rapists, murderers and thiefs. I also like to pick my own doctors and healthcare. So if that's a failing presidency then I'll take it.

Won’t his bone spurs keep him from going?

Somebody please check him into the Hanoi Hilton.

If we are lucky he'll stay in North Korea, if they want him that is.

Dear Donald master of the art of the deal, please be sure to thank him for complying with your demands from the last meeting.

Trump in Vietnam?!? It took North Korea to do that? What strange karmic voodoo is this?

You have to give him credit, not many people get to be played for a fool and embarrassed on a worldwide stage twice!

Well nothing happened last time so I expect more of the same.

Me so Hanoi, me love you long time, Donny.

I'm sure that will bring back memories for Vietnams most famous drop out, eh President Bone Spurs?

Doesn’t anyone else see the irony in this. A draft dodger having a meeting in the country where the US suffered its biggest military defeat with the leader of the other country we lost to...

At least he will get to visit Vietnam. Maybe his bone spurs will reappear to visit Vietnam also, since they were so unlucky the first time.

Peace in Northeast Asia depends on the outcome of Hanoi'.

At least this way Hanoi will get cleaned up🙄It's terribly poor; most of the city is so dismal and grimy!

There’ll be hamberders, and another commemorative coin.

Second date! Do you think Mr Trump is nervous about what he’s going to wear? Should he bring chocolates?

2 countries we were at war with...North Korea and things change.

Trump says to meet North Korea's Kim in Vietnam in late February.jpg

Pho-Pho booty call

It’s in his love letter to Jung-Un, paragraph three.

So glad this dog and phony show is not coming to my country again, last time it costed us $50m dollars.

Aren’t Lovers supposed to meet and celebrate on 14th of Feb?

Could they book him in to the Hanoi Hilton
And throw away the Key?

In Vietnam, what could possibly go wrong...

It is an embarrassment to think of him in Vietnam, while my peaceful buddhist monk Thich Naht Han is there. Thay, my friend.

Why not? I think that both leaders have done something positive together. I might be wrong but it is how I see the situation.

Gooooooood morning America!!!! Wake up!!!!

Good , although should've gone for valentines day. Would've impressed Kimmy no end.