Triump threatens to pull US from World Trade Organization


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I'm Australian. Just read a report that Australian GDP is forecasted to drop 2.2% because of this trade war Trump is having. The same report forecasted a drop of 4.6% for America. Yet another economic disaster caused by you idiots in America.

You mean in the United States. America is the whole continent. South and north.

Susan Goddard don't forget Tangerine Tool. I like that one.

I just prefer Dopey Donnie. The boy that wasn't socialised as a child.

I'm an American, I work in retail. They announed that consumer spending was up. What they left out was that the price of good has risen, particularly the price of anything metal, we've seen skyrocket. These idiots are going to throw the whole world in to economic turmoil.

Paul Shipley I am from Tijuana.... First mexican city south of California... can you imagine our feelings here?

Please don't lump all of us into that group. 3 million more people voted against him. Unfortunately, we don't go by popular vote, but by the electoral vote.

We enjoy the gain of 4.2 GNP. It is so great . Trump makes it happens.

We are trying our best to remove this douchebag! Bringing not only America, but the rest of the World down.

Thanh Nguyen The only reason GDP went up the last quarter was China purchasing soybean before their tariffs kicked in. Funny thing is the next GDP announcement is two days before the midterms. How's them apples baby. He's done except you don't know it yet.

Laurie Wurtz Yes the end result of protectionism is higher prices than one could buy elsewhere. The US will take a dive in living standards because costs increase, the rest of the world will go into recession due to higher US import costs and will cut them causing more grief in the US. This stuff doesn’t work. It’s been done before and failed.

James Deehan because Trump/Putin want to destroy the western alliance that kept Russia at bay, after that is done Russia can take over more countries without retaliation.

The majority of this country hates him and knew he was a danger to this country, it's the 38% that he's speaking to. We're fighting him tooth and nail.

He's past half way in his move into a dictatorship, where will our allies be to help save us when the time comes?

I can guarantee that many people don’t want him in office. Not all of us are idiots, much like not all Australians are felons.

I am so sorry. We, True Americans are trying to oust him out by voting Democrats into offices.
Unfortunately, this will take time.

Laurie Wurtz Take a gander at your grocery bill this week. Mines increased by 13%.
The 4% in GDP & the exploding DOW is only benefiting the wealthy & corporations.
Meanwhile healthcare is back into Insurers’ hands, soaring national debt, tariffs & inflation is rising fast.

He pulls out so much at this point I wish his dad would had pulled out!!!

I hope that wasn't a burn on me because I do have a job and even if I don't had one that's none of your business.

If it was an attempted burn, it was as pissweak as her beloved cheetoh.

That's like when they told me if I lived in el Salvador that I shouldn't say nothing and I replied I live in California (it was hilarious)

I mean this people are hilarious is not even political to them is fanaticism plain and simple.

But I dont Believe in St.Trump of Tan.

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Omg.... you made my Friday morning with that comment..... thanks for the smile:)

Todd Rose me too. Good one Jose Fredis.

To me is not even about politics is just about principles and men he will go down as the worst president ever in usa history.

Just wanted to wish everyone across the pond in the U.K. a very happy Friday from Nova Scotia Canada. I really wish you were our neighbour instead of “you know who.” Our history goes a lot further back.... Wish we could build a bridge or tunnel between us.

I also want to let you know that owning a 49 year old company that has been in my family I’ve chosen to deal with U.K. based suppliers for our recent printing equipment purchases as the quality of products and services match those of Canadians.... I guess you taught us values over the years and we need to be supportive of each other even if we are miles away.

Jacqui Robinson hello friends from the U.K. and Canada. Please know that we still want to be friends and allies. We temporarily have a madman as a president and a corrupt administration. We are counting the days until he is gone. The majority in the US are horrified by all of this.

I'm sure later today, after the media backlash, he will claim this is fake news .

He really thinks the whole world shudders in fear when he speaks, because his greatness is so great. Bigly. When in reality, it shudders at the stupidity of his actions, because he hasn't a clue.