To be a widower in the sixties.

"Our Guanhua City Ideological Study Working Group has been established for seven years. In the past seven years, the ideological study work in Guanhua City has made great progress under the supervision and assistance of the working group. Many units and individuals in the city have won the titles of advanced units, outstanding individuals and ideological pacesetters at the national, provincial and municipal levels for many times. I don't know that Comrade Jiang still wants to find people with ideological problems." How to find, so many excellent places in Guanhua City to find problems, but also to find problems, Comrade Jiang, I want to doubt your motives! Chang Ning pounded the table again, and at this point, the tone in his heart was somewhat smooth. What's more, if you don't let it go, it's a means to deal with our external enemies. Contradictions among the people belong to contradictions among the people. How can we use cruel means to deal with them? Comrade Jiang, I think when it comes to picketing people with ideological problems in the whole city of Guanhua, you have to be one of them! Finally, the bad breath came out, and Chang Ning was completely refreshed. That is, Comrade Jiang, before you talk about others, look at yourself first. You are not even as good as others, and you want to revolutionize others. That's a joke. Chang Ning sat back in his chair and let the others start to play freely. Finally, Jiang Hongchun's happy meeting ended again with Jiang Hongchun's face full of dishes. Xiao Chang, you say, this Jiang Hongchun, do we want to change a person, always let him come to nausea from time to time is also annoying. The meeting notified by Jiang Hongchun is over, but the meeting of the ideological study working group is about to be held. The contradictions in the early years have long been eased by the major contradictions in the whole society. Now the most important task is to unite with the outside world. Change a person to come, will only be the same, if change a person who is smarter than Jiang Hongchun to come, we are more annoyed, now Jiang Hongchun no matter how chaotic, we can hold down, you want to be completely clean, now the situation,interactive whiteboard for schools, is simply impossible. Chang Ning shook his head. Jiang Hongchun is not annoyed, annoyed, but annoyed you have to endure, if change a smart point to come, they are able to rely on the strength of the local snake to hold down, but obviously, that will be more tired, then, will be more annoyed, it is better to let Jiang Hongchun continue to sit in this position, familiar people and familiar things, we actually worry a lot less. Also,75 inch smart board, if Jiang Hongchun is taken away, the province will send someone to come again, or let Bai Chunqiao become a full member from the deputy, we have to bother again, Bai Chunqiao is not as easy to fool as Jiang Hongchun. Think about it, everyone nodded, Jiang Hongchun this position, they are not thinking of changing their own people, the provincial Revolutionary Committee will certainly not agree, in that case, it is best to maintain the status quo. Anyway, there is only one thing for us to do now, to learn, to learn and to learn again, to be ourselves, and not to give the enemy any reason to take advantage of it. Chang Ning finally gave his colleagues the last string. Now I feel that everyone is disgusted with the movement. But before the end of the movement, I can't relax at all. The more before dawn, the more attention should be paid. Don't forget that before dawn is often the darkest time. It's not worth it to hold on for so long and turn over again at this time. Everyone should pay attention, do not relax, persist for so long, if there is an accident at this time, you think, it is not worth it. Chang Ning can think of it, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smartboard for business, and other colleagues have also thought of it. Come on In the difficult days, everyone encouraged each other. Xiao Si, what do you think? Just some things, But it is a person can't insist on. Time to 75 years, ChangNing is watching the movement will soon be over, But this time of time is also the most difficult, Such as small four high school just graduated, Street do there to notice, Must go to the countryside, Each family can only leave a child at home, Like their home has been special This time the child graduated and said that he could not stay any longer. Fortunately, Chang Ning was prepared and had already agreed with Colonel Gao that if all the children who were not left at home went to the army when they were old enough, it would be better for him to rest assured than to go to the mountains and countryside. Dad, do you think I can continue to study in the future? Xiao Si likes learning. If she can, she wants to learn like this all the time. But now she has graduated from high school and has no school to go to, so she is confused. Do you want to go to Gongjiabing University? If you want to, Dad, go and find a way. "See the daughter a face learning but not the appearance, Chang Ning this just remembered, he still has a workers, peasants and soldiers university quota in his hand, at the beginning, big girl and small two there who did not want, three son there again went wrong, has been left until now, if the fourth daughter wants to go, that's just right, next year in 1976, everything is over, at that time, small five is high school." But just the university also re-enrollment, natural pick up, behind the small seven, small eight, has no need to consider what, as long as the good study on the line, so, this quota is now used in small four, the most appropriate, as long as small four want to go to school! 189. Another child has grown up. "Yes, Dad, I like learning and I want to go to school!" Xiao Si nodded with joy. Ok, then Dad will see if he can help you get this quota first. You have to be psychologically prepared. If not, we'll think of another way out. Chang Ning is not sure about this either. Dad, I know. I'll think about it. If I can't go to the University of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers, what should I do? She will figure out whether to join the army or go to the countryside. Chang Ning nodded, even if this time the workers, peasants and soldiers university really can't go, Chang Ning also rest assured, join the army, have high regimental commander, and Xiaoqiu in the army to take care of, he rest assured, go to the mountains and countryside, he put the child back to Hongwei village, the village has uncle he they watch, he also rest assured that as long as the college entrance examination is resumed, everything is over. Xiao Si, go to school to study hard, since it is a university, then the most important thing for college students is to learn, do not mix with any critical activities of any nature, can you do it? Fortunately, a few years ago, the quota was reserved, and now it can be used. If it can be used, Chang Ning will not delay, and will soon complete all kinds of procedures for the fourth daughter. There is a local university in Guanhua City, which is in line with Chang Ning's wishes. Now, if his daughter goes to school in other cities, he is not at ease. Just go to school locally,smartboards for business, without accommodation, just like high school, go out to school and go home after school.