Theresa May vows no compromise on Brexit plan as opposition grows


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The referendum should have required 70 percent of the people to agree. 49 percent to 51 percent is no mandate. Hold a proper referendum this time.

The last one was a proper one,as you put it.

Losing by 3% does not mean you win. The status quo is one side? In a system like you are saying remain would have a huge advantage. Any thing that wasnt a brexit majority would mean remain wins. That doesnt sound like a referendum.

By your criteria we would not have entered the Common Market in 74 then as the Yes vote was less than 70%.

Dan Frans Vandermeer Absolutely right. It was a vote for change. The ideology that this should require a 70% majority isn’t democratic at all. Other ballots are won & lost on single votes.

Tricia Butler The terms of each referendum are set by the government - they don’t all have be the same. For Brexit, no percentages were set as Cameron was confident of a No vote.

And if you get 69 per cent will that be OK. We voted out and out means out.

It did not take 70% to get into this mess should not take 70% to get out of it
The people have spoken
Just except it !!!

Robin Swain referendums require quorums in order to be considered democratically binding. Before commenting on political theory consider going back to school robin.

Yes let's keep voting on things until I get what I want lel.

A biased referendum? This is democracy, not communism.

Trouble is too many people didn't bother voting maybe they would next time as they know now what it is about.

Carl Bream The people were split pretty straight down the middle and most of those who voted Brexit had no idea what the repercussions were.

Now we know how massively damaging Brexit will be, we need an informed vote that actually means something.

Let’s not cut our nose off to spite our face shall we....

Karen Chatland-Svane that's there problem for being so lazy.

Tricia Butler we were already in the common market. The 1975 referendum wasn't whether to join it was whether to stay in.

Susan Yorke The referendum should have needed 70 percent of people to agree to leave the EU or the status quo should have remained. It was a large constitutional issue that clearly was not thought through. The ramifications will be felt by Britons for a long time to come.

All the Brexiteers currently arguing against this post should remember that the original petition for a second referendum was started by one of you lot in case you lost.

As an American, I know the UK govt spent a tremendous amount towards the Remain campaign. It still failed. It's not like you all didn't know what the vote was about. Get over it. Brexit won.

Tricia Butler , I voted twice to go into a Common Market in 1973 and again in 1975.
I voted once in 2016 to leave what has become an unelected group of people - looking more and more like a Dictatorship as time passes.

Nicola before the vote Cameron said that if it was won or lost by just one vote then the government would implement whichever side won,now every one who voted knew that and if it was not acceptable it would have been sorted out before . What you forget is that nobody ever voted to be sucked up to a dictatorship where our own parliament becomes nothing more than county council this country has governed it self for thousands of years we do not need to be governed by unelected bureaucrats whom we can't vote in or out, at least that is what we can do with our own government . We joined an EEC nothing more .TELL me why do you want to be in a dictatorship

Andrew Hyldon how many of the 60m were able to vote. Out of those thoes were able to vote - how many bothered. Only to wake up the morning after and find that the Country had voted to leave. They had their chance, and blew it with their own complacency.

If the brexiters think they can win. Then allow a referendum. Allow the people to now get what the democracy wants.

This will shut everyone up. Are country has been on hold for 2 years. Burning money on all this.

We now have a bi poler society.

You missed your chance..... Should have voted Lib Dem at the last general election. The only party outside of Scotland that would give you a chance of staying..... They had their lowest number of votes in an age.

So you want a third vote?

Allow a referendum?
Oh yeah , they did .

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Jack Skelton sorry for being dyslexic.

The country had its referendum why do we need a second? Is it simply that you don’t like the result and have got a touch of the SNP’s going on and plan on repeat referendums until you get the result you want !

And you think another vote will depolar it? At best it will renew the divisions. More likely it will increase them.

People just LOVE spending public money.

Phil Hadfield being dyslexic is fine. You can still spell check before typing something for the general public to read. Particularly when offending an area of society.

Didn't the brexiteers already win ? I love this, we didn't win so we will keep having votes until we do, mentality.

Phil. Brexit supporters thought they could win last time, and they did.

How many referendums do you want? Or is it until you get a result you want?

Its all fun and games until you realise Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust.

David Cameron resigned !! Walked away Article 50 has been what no one in government had any idea about and still don’t So it needs to be reversed !!!! The country was told a pack of lies.

Teresa May is concerned about trust.What makes her think that the general public had trust in her in the first place? You can't loose something you haven't got.

The one thing she has said that I agree with, no more referendums, the country has spoken, get on with it.

Dear PM May; since the will of the people was almost that of the will of those to leave in a nearly equal vote; perhaps you have a duty to listen to the will of the people now # things change.

Dan Frans Vandermeer referendums should therefore have clearer guidelines on what ‘advisory’ means and a higher bar to success rather than a minuscule majority.

I know there's a drop off a high cliff, up ahead, but We choose this route 2 years ago - so can't change direction now.

Just pay the 42 billion€ bill and exit now. You wanted it, you got it. There was and is a non negotiable price tag you signed for. Stop stalling and go. Shoo!

Daniel, How about you go to a restaurant, order a pancake, eat it and leave without paying. Good luck ordering another pancake after that.

Didn't she also say she wouldn't call an election?

"I want to use this opportunity to make several things clear. First, no second referendum. Second, there should be no general election until 2020.” Theresa May, 29 June 2016.

What date is the next referendum?

Well done Theresa stand firm that’s what the UK voted for

She’ll dance her way out of this.....

It’s sad when even the PM doesn’t realise that it’s not a second referendum that’s needed but a vote on the conditions of leaving Europe. Or is she deflecting attention from the fact we will be a third world economy by April next year?

Time she had her marching orders and took a very long holiday, then we can finally depart from the clutches of the EU.

Leave means leave just like remain meant remain. Remain lost! Get over it remoaners and stop throwing your toys out the pram until you get what you want.

Just do the country a favour and let someone who believes in Brexit lead the party!

She says she won't water down brexit? Well, of course she won't, it can't be watered down, anymore than it already is!

This will be your downfall and history won't be kind. It will say how you let down your country and its youth. The youth are those who will pay the price of your ineptitude and the extremism of the party/government you 'lead'.

If someone in Conservative party changed the channel she was watching, she doesn’t have the power to change that back to what she was watching.

We desperately need a party that is willing to do what is best for the country be it popular or not... If we are going to stick with the politics of the popular then we should at least accurately reflect the current "will of the people" and there is only one way to do that once the various options are known and the potential consciences understood and that is to ask for a final proportionally relivent vote to identify the most acceptable option out of all those remaining.

She can do what she wants, she can't avoid a general election for ever.

Brexiters already won. We had a democratic vote and it was for Brexit. What part of this do you not understand. Do you want us to keep voting until you get the vote that you like?