Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call


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Find it slightly insulting that he has said there should be another referendum for the people, yet he didn't listen when MILLIONS of people marched against his decision to go to war in Iraq?!

Between them Blair & Brown brought this country to its knees.

Tony Blair is a war criminal with blood on his hands. And people think he's so right to call on a 2nd vote. I lose faith in humanity bit by bit each day.

Totally agree with his argument. If you see how little the EU have conceded to us in these negotiations then why do people think the UK will get really good trade deals.. We need to wake up to the fact we are a small fish in a big pond.. Stay in the EU and reform the parts we don't like but by building consensus first.

How can her talks be undermined, the EU is quite clear that they have ended. Listen to the people who are saying from everywhere that they want a say in all of this. We are being ignored.

But not John Major who said the same thing. I wonder why...?

Despite my abhorrence of his other "work" he is bang on regarding the second referendum. We need to check what people want 2 years on from the last one, in the cold light of all the new information available now, before we carry on regardless. The vote 52/48 was too close to carry on without checking.

Tony Blair is a little piece of s..t.

He, at least, is trying to do what is in this country’s best interest along with Ken Clark, Lords Heseltine and Sugar and many other responsible caring politicians and public figures. Compare and contrast.

Why condemn someone sensible. Theresa May has just been around the whole of the UK promoting her ideas for leaving the EU. All business in Scotland. Northern Ireland and England have been saying they need to stay in the EU to be profitable as it is the UKs largest market.
She does not listen. BLAIR for all his sins at least listens to Business and wants to keep jobs, not bankrupt the country like the Leavers.

Undermining talks with the EU? What talks? They've made it perfectly clear talks are over, no more negotiations.

Blair screwed up the UK once, why not try for a second time.

Well he’s currently the only Labour opposition...

But in all seriousness, if John Major can get involved, why shouldn’t Blair?

Lee Harkness None of them should be getting involved. Theresa May is absolutely right on this one.

I've no real time for Blair, but I wish that this 'treason' narrative would stop: have we learned nothing? He is just an ex pm expressing an opinion; the last I looked that was something that happens in an open and free democracy.

Tony blair brought peace to my country which is more than may will ever do in her lifetime except bring laughter to me And my children.

Theresa May is so wrong. Tony Blair is so right.

Tony Blair should keep his nose out. He's about as popular as deli belly.

Considering the EU has made it clear there can be no new negotiation he can't undermine the talks.

Is there anyone else whose fault this is other than the Conservative party?

Don't like the Tories, but well done may, Tony Blair should just shut up, he's not in the game, so it has got nothing to do with him.

That’s like saying it has got nothing to do with you either, but it does, doesn’t it.

Why not condemn John Major and MP in her own party who also advocate for a new referendum. And why is holding a second referendum an abdication of responsibility whereas holding the first referendum was not?

When a man responsible for the death of 1 million Iraqs gives you advice? run for the hills.

What do you expect from a war criminal.

because undermining" talks with the EU and "insulting the office he once held is the job of the conservative party.

ANYTHING Tony Blair says..... DO THE OPPOSITE!!!!

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Whilst May insults the intelligence of the entire electorate by ploughing on with her ‘dead parrot’ deal, whilst monotonously spouting out the same mantra...
Time to go ... & People’s Vote please.

Her deal hasn't got a chance of getting through Parliament. The EU won't renegotiate what she's already got. She's just had to deal with a no confidence vote and has been so damaged she won't be leading her party into the next election.

So obviously the mess she's in has nothing to do with the divided party she leads, BoJo's and Mogg's scheming and her own ineptitude. It's quite clearly all Tony Blair's fault.

Ah, Tony Blair, doing what Corbyn should have done ages ago.

I'm very puzzled Mrs May.
If we were asked what our current opinion is, I strongly suspect that most people would not be insulted.