The Story of Flying Dragons in the Seven Seas-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

The other one also shouted, "I didn't expect so many good friends to come to show their support. I was not prepared for a while and I didn't entertain them well. Please forgive me!" There were nearly two hundred applicants standing and sitting in the room, and no one paid any attention to what the two of them were saying. Everyone craned their necks and looked at the exit in front of the hall. The look in hundreds of eyes was expectant, eager, greedy, and naturally, there was still a little nervousness. The buzzing murmur was still going on. It shows the anxiety in the hearts of this group of people who want to get both people and money. Slowly, the leather drum struck again for the second time. The main entrance of the hall figure even flash, sixty a type of gray clothes strong outfit of the big fellow, divided into two rows, gallop out, they all head with a gray towel, feet on the thin soles of fast boots, playing fish scale leggings, holding the ghost knife, just appeared, immediately two long dragon-like ran to both sides of the ring, and formed a splayed formation, to the vertical line line, they just stood still, Inside the hall door, there were seven or eight people surrounded by a tall and thin old man who was sixty years old and walked quickly. The old man, dressed in a gray silk gown, with his gray hair combed high, his eyes were bright, and his lips were thin. When he looked around, he invisibly showed a kind of grace and majesty. He was a character. The seven or eight men who surrounded the old man were different in their fatness and thinness, handsome and ugly, but they were all vigorous and vigorous, and they knew at a glance that they were all practitioners who had tried their hand at martial arts. When several big men in gray clothes quickly arranged nine chairs in front of the ring, this line of people had come near. The eight figures beside the old man turned their backs to the stage, facing the candidates in front of the stage. The old man strode up the ring alone along the wooden ladder and stood in the middle. He first looked at the group of candidates who raised their heads in the audience with his eyes shining brightly. Then he made a bow in a bow and said in a clear voice, "Old man Huang Shuyan is the leader of Wangding Villa. When he was wandering in Jianghu, there was also a bandit called Piaoxu Falling Hammer. Maybe you are here or you have ever been here.". I've heard about it.. ? After a pause, he went on to say,Small Geared Motors, "This time, I sincerely invite all my Wulin colleagues from all over the world to compete in martial arts for my daughter Huang Mei. My purpose is to choose a husband with outstanding skills and both talent and beauty for my daughter. I have been practicing fighting skills all my life, and I also hope to get a half-son from my colleagues to inherit cigarettes and inheritance. All of you here are temporary envoys and two outstanding talents." There must be a person with outstanding art and learning who has been selected to fulfill my long-cherished wish. I believe you are well aware of the rules of the competition, so I will not repeat them here. However, I earnestly ask you to pay attention to a few things. First, the ultimate result of the competition is to seek the best choice, but it still contains the meaning of meeting friends with martial arts. The winner should not be arrogant, the loser should not be discouraged, and not to be resentful. Private revenge, that is greatly contrary to the original purpose of the old man, second, in the fight, only on time to the end, the victory or defeat of a point is required to close, can not be determined to hurt and kill, third, the contest is to take the way of challenge, micro gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, the final winner, that is, the old man's chosen person, when the two sides are fighting, they can declare to stop, retreat by themselves, the winner can not pursue, and the winner, Of course, it is the east bed of the old man. Tonight, I will marry my daughter. After a hundred years, the'Jade Tripod Villa 'and all the property of the old man will be under his name. The old man will invite you to attend the wedding banquet tonight, and each of you will present ten taels of silver to express your heart. Under the stage, there was a burst of thunderous applause and cheers. Huang complained that he raised his arms and asked for silence. Then, he added: "Because I decided to take this marriage competition too hastily, the preparation was still not perfect. The news was too late. I invited all the people from all over the world to attend the meeting. In fact, most of the participants were Jianghu friends from recent provinces and old friends from distant places. The road is long and the mountains are heavy." Very few people came here. Even so, the number of participants has made me quite gratified and self-sufficient. It is expected that there are many capable people and masters among the gentlemen present, and there are many people with unique skills. Here I congratulate one of them for being able to do all the work and be a family with me. ” The applause rose again, and the sound of applause and praise continued for a long time. Huang Shuyan repeatedly folded his fists and walked down the wooden ladder, sitting with the other eight figures standing on their backs. At that moment, the third heavy drum sounded again. Dong "," Dong "," Dong ".. A big man in gray with a thick waist and broad arms stood on the edge of the stage and said in a loud voice, "The contest has begun. Pay attention to the end. Which one will come on the stage first?" Miyagasa and Ling Pu, who were standing in the distance of the ring, slowly approached a little. Ling Pu said quietly, "Old Huang is still acting like a serious thing. Chief, it's really like sitting on a bench with his pants off-a well-organized one!" With a slight smile, Miyagasa said, "How can you be perfunctory about your daughter's marriage and the possible intentions behind it?"? Of course, we should arrange it carefully. If we are too careless, it will be a bit smoky. The place was whispering, whispering to each other, looking here and there, looking here and there, and no one jumped onto the stage first. Ling Pu murmured, "Why isn't anyone on stage?"? These nearly two hundred people are all going to be chosen from the bird screen. Are the guys who have both people and money so tender? Miyagasa looked around and said in a low voice, "That's not necessarily true. In my opinion, everyone should first observe other people's skills and ways, thinking that it's always beneficial and harmless to stay behind and go on stage to see what other people are doing and what the situation is like." Swallowing saliva, Ling Pu said: "I doubt, chief, these people will really have enough weight in the role?" With a straight face, Miyagasa said, "Of course there are. I've already found five or six people. Most of them are calm and motionless, but I can see that these people are all people with a few skills." At this moment, the burly man in gray raised his voice and urged, "It's getting late. Please act quickly. Who is interested in appearing on the stage first?"? Please do not hesitate, there are snacks and tea after the trial, waiting for you to enjoy. Ling Pu looked at the ring, which was half a foot above the ground, and whispered, "Don't come out. A baby can't even jump on the table.." Miyagasa shook his head and said, "No, as long as you dare to take the exam,24v Gear Motor, you will have some foundation. Otherwise, why do you make a fool of yourself?"? Soon someone will be tempted to go on stage, you see.