The men is very handsome when women donot know


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No matter what, you will always be, in my life in my heart, and in my soul, because I want the best for you, never say never is the fraction that I use almost always because it helps me to get ahead, thank you for being one Great person.

You are so beautiful 🙊never forget beliebers are here for you, every day 💟 we love you for ever, you are a man who have his heart made of gold ❤ we never gonna judge you about what you do, but we gonna say how much we are proud of you 🙏💕 love u so much 🌹 ( sorry if there are spelling errors i'm french😅) love.

You're such a handsome, gorgeous guy, but more importantly you have a beautiful soul and a good heart, and that's what makes your charm irresistible to the world-- no difference if we're a boy or a girl!

you are incredible and talented, I only suffer to think of your Beauty, watching you I fall in love, I am very much your fan, I will always be in love with you my love, one day I hope to win a fan hug, but it seems impossible because neither I live in the same country as you, I wanted to receive at least one of yours.

You know what happens when you grow a stupid bread in your stupid face............

is it just me or does he look like the local drug dealer that always wears snapbacks on top of his head instead of on it, wears baggy jeans, and those big ugly fat skate shoes guys always wear???

Sometimes i wonder how this guy going through .. I seen it before he soo innocent and simple boy . now can u see his style his became famous yes he is but the long journey of his life like a sky clear and dark ... I well be likely happy to see the J B before simple guy no tattoos and acting like a real he is...

I like your younger face,cute voice ,handsome,hair,body,can you please come back your younger body,face,i cry you have a lot of tattoo,i don't like my idol have a tatooo ,you loss your younger face,and body perfect,when I was a little girl 6 yrs old,i want to be your age😂14 but it's is hard,😂comeback a younger face cause I miss ,why the world has a faster growing.

Wonderful as always. I love you and I do everything to be able to watch your video on youtube or a story on instagram, and I am so happy with the hope that someday I can meet you and be able to Get a hug from you !

indeed a facial expression can say a lot about someone you look like you thinking "ive had my shares of ups and downs but im still strong and have learnt a lot in this journey called life".