The Hidden Cost of Free Software

By the time this post gets published, Subliminal 360 the gap for Windows 8 release would be closing on and the date will be coming nearer. The sources collected from Microsoft and various other podcasts confirm that the final and polished Windows 8 will have its day-out on 26th October 2012 along with the Windows 8 phone. Wow! Almost the entire world is holding breath to see Windows 8 coming out of wraps. When it comes to operating systems, I've observed that the entire world seems to be divided between Microsoft Windows and Macs. No one talks about Linux or other operating systems as these are not used by common users, in fact these are used more for business purposes.

The raw continues to be held up between Mac and Windows. Well, it's not about Apple's Mac today but about Windows 8 which will be making inroads in the coming weeks to markets. With the launch of Windows 8, there will come bountiful of features that will transform the age-old tradition of using Windows. Let's not go too far. Think about Windows XP and you will come to know what I am talking about.

Windows 8 is tablet and Smartphone-friendly (apart from being computer-friendly) and that's what exactly sets it apart from earlier Windows versions. Keeping its touch-based functionality in view, all the features and programs have been designed in Metro-style. It means the way you access apps and programs on your Smartphone, in the same you will able to access them on your computer. Microsoft has strived hard to bridge the technology gap between a computer and tablet/Smartphone. And the outcome of bridging this gap is of course Windows 8.