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But I'm not married. There's always a chance, isn't there? Relative to Zheng Zaixuan's words, asol selfishly felt that the whole revolution was more suitable for Li Bolu. Wait Isn't this a competition show? How do you stand up CP? The author has something to say: There will always be trouble, and it depends on how it ends in the end. Commercial performance This cypher is a group of seven people selected by the producer. Everyone sings their own music in the randomly selected beat. This kind of competition rule is very advantageous to freestyle's strong players olltii and jjk. For an artist like Li Bolu, who mainly focuses on acting skills, it is undoubtedly a heavy blow. [Smiles] Really, I don't know when the show will give her a punch. Li Bolu was not very afraid. She was the first to be called to the stage in the third group. Nucksal, who wanted to avoid it, was the second to be called to the stage. The successive figures on the stage made Li Bolu a little anxious. Dead, dead, this time it will be a terrible death. Nucksal was calm and went over to her and pinched her shoulder. "It's all right, isn't it?" Li Bo showed his head sideways and looked at Nucksal. His eyes were full of despair. "Anyway, my goal now is not to be the last one." If you're nervous, you'll be the first to say it. Otherwise,White Marble Mosaic, if you really perform too well later, it may affect you. Li Bolu took a deep breath and nodded slightly. After seven people stood on the stage, Li Bolu went to the microphone and picked it up at the moment when the music sounded. The audience burst into howls in an instant. Yu Zhihao looked sideways at Quan Ge and said aloud, "Lulu really looks a little courageous." "It was probably suggested by Brother Nucksal." "But it's really good to be the first one on the stage," said Quan Ge with a smile. After keeping up with the rhythm,Granite Slab Supplier, Li Bolu quickly combined the music in his head. Unlike other people who can use Verse directly, Li Bolu is not a singer, let alone a rapper. The lyrics she can remember in her mind now, except Venus, are all Yu Zhihao's. All the random plays, Li Bolu is freestyle. Although I have written several lyrics before, it is still a little difficult for the lyrics to be added to beat. Holding the microphone, Li Bolu quickly opened his mouth. Music is my pond. In my place, I am the queen. So there was no preparation and no hurry. After meeting me, I can no longer be insolent. As before, Slate Wall Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Li Bolu's rhyme is really amazing. It was the same this time, and the producers on the scene couldn't help but be surprised by the rhyme of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Yu Zhihao was even more excited to look sideways at Quan Ge, "really, there is no way to imagine the extent." "Yes." The sweet smile at the corners of Quan Ge's mouth pushed his hat up slightly, trying to see the stage more clearly. I thought I just wanted to do rock and roll. Excellent people are excellent in everything they do. Li Bolu is probably such an existence. Good acting, good singing, now just started to do rap so well. It's really the existence of genius. I'm a lovable wolf. All men are lambs in front of me. Don't pretend to be shy. You're not a clam. Show your shoulders a little bit. You're out of your mind tonight. In the last line of the lyrics, Li Bolu pulled her clothes slightly. Yu Zhihao stood up again in an instant, crossing his hands in front of his chest as he did last time, and doing forbidden movements. Li Bolu couldn't help laughing out loud and forgot everything she had just thought about. Just stop here and hand over the microphone in your hand quickly. Nucksal patted Li Bolu on the shoulder. "Well done!" Everyone in this group is a strong man with stage experience, and Li Bolu is actually like a lamb in this group. Can't beat Nucksal, but the others always have a little chance to win, right? After the performance of this group, Li Bolu was very happy to stay in the third place. And then after the first team is selected, it is the producer's choice. Rapper has the right to refuse, but this right of refusal must also be carefully considered. Li Bolu felt that it was all right to leave. As an actor, she could stay here for such a long time, which was also very good. And if you stay, you must continue to do it well. After rejecting the teams of Park Jae-beom, DOK2 and ZICO & DEAN, Li Bolu chose the double-D team. In the interview afterwards, the staff asked Li Bolu why. In fact, before the gambling team has been good to me, Zhi Hao and Quan Ge Xi is also. But after seeing the stage, I think the double-D team may like it better. It wasn't long after the recording was over. In the second episode of the program, Li Bolu's performance on the program instantly attracted a large audience. It's still the dew of the Holy Light. The color of the clothes feels different from the people around you. Ask Nucksal about the Pune part, it really kills me. Send the meme to everyone [Shut up! .jpg] Really is after the amnesia, becomes lovable many! -I'm dead! Play CALL for Li Bolu! Li Bolu, on the other hand, was recently invited to attend the 2017 NBA BUZZER BEAT FESTIVAL with Xinfei. Such large-scale activities, especially in the NBA, usually only invite the most popular artists or idols of that year. This year, as the first year of hiphop,Stone Honeycomb Panel, there are a series of artists. Mixed with their new band group, this alone is enough to surprise people. FNC took Xinfei's four people and equipment to set up the scene first, and their band opened the program with three or four songs.