The entertainment circle is also haunted today.

After Tang Xu figured this out, he told the other two people what he thought, and not surprisingly, he was unanimously approved by Xue Ji and Gu Jiayi. Gu Jiayi seemed to let go a lot in front of them and immediately said, "Let's go in now!" Tang Xu is no problem, but he is still a little worried about Xue Ji, he only knows that Xue Ji has a psychological shadow on the real existence of ghosts, such as the ghost house this kind of man-made ghosts do not know whether he is afraid or not. Xue Ji's psychological shadow had almost disappeared after he opened his heart to Tang Xu. Although he was a little nervous when he just saw the word'haunted house ', he ran all the way excitedly, and the tension was scattered. What's more, Tang Xu looked at him with concern, and he just wanted to show that he was not afraid at all with practical actions. The show was filmed on a weekday, and although there were still a lot of visitors in the park, at least it wasn't too crowded. As they spoke, there was a series of screams from the haunted house, which sounded exciting and exciting. Xue Ji lifted the curtain,smart interactive whiteboard, looked back at Tang Xu, and threw out a domineering sentence: "Come in and walk beside me." Tang Xu followed him to lift his feet and went in, not forgetting to take care of another teammate: "Are you coming in with us or waiting outside first?" "Together." Gu Jiayi only hesitated for a moment, then nodded like a chicken pecking rice, and immediately followed up. The atmosphere in the haunted house is quite good, although the scary routine is the same,digital signage kiosk, but it still causes the tourists around to scream from time to time. Tang Xu and Xue Ji held hands in the dark, facing the mechanical palms stretched out from all sides, with a cold face. These mystifying little tricks were nothing compared to the ghosts they had actually seen. The worst was the cameraman, who not only had to carry a heavy machine behind them, but also had to avoid the manipulators that harassed people and sweat all over. The haunted house task card they received at the door requires the challenger to cross the haunted house within 25 seconds. After the task is completed, the staff will tell another clue about the key. It's just that there are a lot of tourists in the haunted house, not to mention whether they will be frightened along the way, it's very difficult to get out in 25 seconds just because of the human wall in front of them. For the first time, everyone failed without accident, and when they came out, all three of them had a layer of sweat on their heads. Tang Xu and Xue Ji are hot, touch screen digital signage ,facial recognization camera, but Gu Jiayi is scared out of the cold sweat. He stood in the sun and stammered a little. "Just now, just now, a hand pulled my collar from behind. It was cold!" Even though the cameraman did not refrain from emphasizing several times that it was his own hand, Gu Jiayi still refused to believe it anyway, scaring the whole person into a trance. Tang Xuting understood him, and it felt like the first time he saw a ghost, he was just as scared and cold. Thinking of this, he had a little more sympathy for Gu Jiayi, who was also a fallen person in the world. He kindly opened his mouth and said, "You can wait for us outside later. You won't be afraid to bask in the sun and warm up. We can do the next one after we finish the task here." Xue Ji wiped the sweat from his forehead and said something similar. So only Tang Xu and Xue Ji entered the haunted house for the second time. The cameraman tried to follow them, but soon he was submerged in the crowd, looking weak and helpless. The second challenge still failed. Tang Xu scratched his hair, because this almost impossible task gave birth to a little irritable state of mind. Xue Ji suddenly hooked his shoulder from the side and came over to discuss it in a low voice. "Brother, let's go in again. Don't worry about the time. Let's go to the upside down room on the right hand side. There seems to be a box on the wall." If they are given such an impossible task, then maybe the key can be obtained in other ways, instead of having to complete a 25-second journey through the haunted house, according to the routine of the program. In the third challenge, the two men went straight to the upside down house. Xue Ji groped on the wall with his memory, and finally picked out a palm-sized small square box from somewhere on the wall. Tang Xu also followed to dig down a round box, two people out of the haunted house after pulling out the box a look, Tang Xu immediately a little embarrassed. The box in Xue Ji's hand was indeed from the program group, with the logo of "Go Forward" printed on it, while the box in Tang Xu's hand was a prop embedded in the wall of the haunted house. Xue Ji took out the key from the box and was so happy that he laughed twice and was shot by Tang Xu with two eye knives. He immediately covered his mouth, but the curved arc of his eyes was still obvious. Tang Xu went to the staff with the props destroyed by himself, expressing his sincere apology and willingness to compensate for the loss of the props. The staff took the props and did not know whether to laugh or cry. In line with good professional ethics, they continued to announce the result with a smile: "It took four minutes and twenty-nine seconds to cross the haunted house. Congratulations, Shaoxia. The challenge failed." Tang Xu himself could not hold back his laughter. "This pass is too difficult," he said with a bow. "I'll leave now." Now that they have the keys, they will not continue to stay in the haunted house. With Xue Ji, in just half a day, Tang Xu has gradually become accustomed to this variety mode, and even in the second half of the recording, he did not behave like a variety newcomer at all. They asked the visitors about the white group's tracks, deduced which three tasks they had checked, and then rushed ahead of the white group to complete the last task on the task card, and prepared a move for the white group at the task point. As soon as the White Group arrived at the last task point,face recognition identification, Xue Ji ran out of the shadow and used a'frozen time 'to capture the two keys of the White Group. Sun Yubo showed what is "dumbfounded", and a handsome face completely evolved into an expression package. Where's the director! This is not what we said! Tang Xu asked him, "What did you say?" Sun Yubo: "The task card says that we are the robbers!" Xue Ji glanced at him and showed his task card with a little pride. "There's no rule on the task card about who robbed who." Sun Yubo gave a cry with a look of chagrin.