Texas police search for mystery woman ringing doorbell


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What If she was kidnapped and escaped the kidnapper!?
Perhaps explains the restraints?
What If he caught back up too her
They need to do full home searches in the area!

Or they could be from a medical facility.

Or this could also be a setup.

I love when everyone turns into Sherlock Holmes on these things!

It's a lanyard.

Elizabeth Mendel, nope. They would’ve thought of that if there was a facility nearby. Also, the facility would report the missing person. Next.

You can't search people's homes without probable cause...

Rachel Elsey I had the same thought and it freaked me out for this poor thing!
I pray to God that nothing bad would happen to her!

Why does there have to be one nearby? She could have traveled a ways. Next.

She does looks bit pregnant...I've gone full detective looking at the video and freeze framing it and comparing it to faces from missing persons in Texas
If it's what it looks like...
Her being held captive...
If it reaallllyyy happened and she's escaped but her captured caught her wouldn't hurt to help and try to figure it out...
This could be someone's mother, wife, friend or daughter seeking help...
And they have already conducted home searches in the immediate area.

While it could be a set up, Texas has a huge issue with human trafficking.

It was 3am and if she was running from someone or panicking/ disoriented she wouldn't wait at a home for 10 minutes waiting for someone to roll outta bed, walk to the door, check who it is and then eventually answer the door...thats if anyone would even answer their door at 3am...
And I guess people claimed that they did but didn't see anyone...
But if she was going door to door how did no one notice her
But if someone was after you or you were in trouble would you sit there and ring the same doorbell after no response!?
Knowing at 3am people are in a deep sleep.
Perhaps she was trying to get attention hoping someone would call police we just dont know

It's downright scary...
I just hope for the best.

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If someone rings my doorbell at 3am I’m calling police with my gun in hand I have trust issues with the human race idc if you’re bleeding from your eyes and a limbs been cut off my door isn’t opening.


Great relevant response though... as if that wasn’t the case in the story .

No wonder there's shootings almost every month there.

really... empathy means nothing i guess.


Wow take it you are from the USA - in Scotland I would open a door because my first thought is not that someone is trying to hurt me.

My thoughts exactly, Lee! Well, if Jessy ever gets into a situation where she needs help and all she'll be doing is staring down the barrel of a gun, maybe she'll change her attitude.

Harsh. I hope you never need help if your life is in jeopardy. If you have your gun in hand to protect yourself why not? If you could potentially save another woman's life why wouldn't you?? This makes me think about Kitty Genovese. Do you know who she was? She was the woman in New York who was raped and murdered right outside her apartment building. 38 of her neighbors either heard or saw the attack and not one of them helped her. Not a single one. The guy even left and came back to finish her off. Of those 38 only 1 person even called the police and that wasn't until after she was dead. 38 people did nothing. Sounds like you'd fit right in that neighborhood. That's really sad. Where has humanity and compassion gone?

American culture and economy is based on exploiting people by any and all means. We are trained to feel like we can be victimized at any time, and indeed, we are victims on a daily basis. Distrust of each other and willingness (plus capability) to commit acts of violence would be the second and third legs of this stool that our perpetual violence rests on. I'd open my door for anyone in danger, but I admit I'd hesitate and assess the potential risks of this act. I don't like that America is like this, but I can understand the fear stated here.

We clearly can read you have issues, starting with yourself and in second place you are a gun owner.
Even with your gun you will never feel and will be protected, you cannot even protect yourself from your own self.

Only in America can you openly admit on a social platform you’d open a door, gun in hand, because of your own issues. No wonder there is so much gun crime. You shouldn’t be allowed one at all.

Lee Robertson many years ago someone opened their doors to me in France in the middle of the night and a remote area ,after a terrible accident .I must have looked a terrifying sight after having just emerged from a muddy canal and in shock !No guns, like today it wouldn’t even cross my mind here , no dogs set on me , just plain old human trust and kindness. despite a language barrier too.
When I despair of the human race I just think of that moment and the days afterwards when they treated me like a daughter and helped me through the many difficulties I had to face. That was an example of true kindness and humanity .

Her hair is brushed, she may or may not have escaped. Strange times we live in. It's hard to know if it's a set up, or if she's in real trouble.

Broken wrist restraints? Really?
🙄A lanyard on her right wrist and a key hanging on the left.
😒Imaginations running wild with law enforcement. It appears that she was not in distress...probably looking for someone.
🤔 Don’t seem like a mystery or crime...find a real missing persons case or crime to post

Cant they pull a handprint off that wall? I hope they find her.

Not safe for women.Women have to be careful wherever they go whatever they do.Hope she is safe.Poor girl.

Why no one help the poor creature when she was knocking on the doors?
Hope this have a happy ending.

When will Avon representatives cease their
door bell operations ?