Talk about Game Diablo - Season 14 is now live worldwide


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Blizzard is the company I respect the most in the entire world of video games. They respect their fans, put their heart and souls(literally) into their games, and have given me amazing memories to share with my friends. Thank you Blizzard!! Just excited to work on another class I haven’t focused on before requiring me to learn how to use it as I farm materials. I still enjoy seasons. Skeleton d3 can we make a new season better cheap af....double Gob spawn would only cost 1,000 usd and take fifteen minutes for the coding...brilliant. No point, as much as I loved the orignal diablo and diablo 2 and I loved playing D3 for a while, the game has become stale. Nothing new has been released, all they do is rework sets and balance control. D3 is now just a race to the top of the leader boards and nothing else. I'm 54 been an avid gamer all my life played Diablo since the 1st version, having End stage COPD gaming is my main form of entertainment win or lose just keep making great games for future generations to enjoy, as my 2 youngest have played many of them the 2 Fav's being Diablo 2/3 & Star Craft. Ever since I started playing MHW, I can’t seem to get myself to play D3... maybe it’s just nothing appealing for me to even start up D3. Hope a new D4 or whatever Dtitle u wanna put it comes out in d future.
Stuck on: "waiting on another installation or update diablo 3"
But had a chance to run to lvl 57 before I got kicked and stuck there. I'ma fix my wifi issues first. Lovely way to start the weekend. #SweepstakesEntry ? The D3 PS4 Pro look awesome. Been playing Blizzard games since the first Diablo, and when my wife and I started dating we would play D2 together as a form of dating. #SweepstakesEntry Blizzard has been in my life since their beginning. Due to electronics exposure and random chance I got to play Diablo and StarCraft in their early stages, before expansions. These were my favorite games of their type. I'm still playing today (I don't own a console anymore just a tower PC) For that I need to say "Thank You!" The laptop would serve as a mobile media creator which would help my current growing YouTube and twitch channel. There is always the great perk of being able to show my son or daughter a movie anywhere, like when we have to go to and wait for his many appointments. The consoles would be great for my kids of course my boy 6 my girl 1, but really laptop would get the most efficient use. Its been fun sharing a bit about myself and family with so many great fans! WOOT! Blizzard Bilsabob#1680, YouTube /Twitch Bilsabob.
I really appreciate this, but I do have an honest constructive criticism. During the season of greed, why limit it to 2x? The goblins weren't super common, to begin with, I'm not sure simply doubling it is going to translate as "greed".

I love the idea, but greed, especially in Diablo, is about excess. Unless 2x goblins are going to leave us drowning in Legs, it feels phoned in.
Always been a hardcore Diablo fan on my PC & having been playing since the beginning. Every time you guys at Blizzard came out with another one I was expecting something more of course but you guys would just blow my mind!!! Really like how you guys listen to the fans. Still remember how you guys answered a couple of my questions about Necromancy DLC on the stream you had about it & it meant so much to me. Showed my friends & everything. I got through one class in S14 6 piece set. Not sure, but may attempt other classes just to get the set gear. I am happy with the S14 wizard set. With the right skills, I am moving up Torments rather fast and GRifts. As far as the season of greed, they are not kidding! Loving this season. I've been playing Diablo sence I was 7 years old. It was my first pc game I've ever played. Thank you blizzard for making my childhood and adult life what it is today. I met my wife through this amazing wrold you have created for us. I owe you a big thanks!
I would love to enter to get the Customized Diablo III Laptop Giveaway, I have been a fan of Diablo games since the beggining and have spent countless hours playing them, it would be amazing to score a laptop that allowes me to enjoy the game to the fullest. Thank you Blizzard!