Super evolution

Dongfeng knew the gap between himself and the others, but he was a little unwilling. He said, "Let Qitong learn. I will go down with you. For the Xiang people, they should accept the appropriate challenge." He felt that it was too hard to study in the virtual space all the time. Qitong is not the case, in addition to eating and sleeping, she spends all her time studying in virtual space. "I want to go down, too," said Han Tu. "Let Old Du manage the transit station and the fat man stay on the spaceship." Lin Qiyu was a little embarrassed. He didn't know what was on the hidden star. After thinking about it, he said, "Well!"! Anyway, if you want to use a small landing craft, you can help me use the landing craft to transport supplies first, and when Xianling and I find a safer area, you can come down together. In fact, everyone on the ship wants to go down, in the ship can hardly see the situation outside, although very safe, but also very boring. There was no way to connect to the federal network, no new information could be received, and there was no interest in navigating in the orbit of the submarine. Of course,decorative palm trees, Han Tu refused to stay, whether on the spacecraft or in the transit station. Lin Qiyu clapped his hands and said, "Well, if you don't have any opinions, you can prepare your own equipment. After the spacecraft enters the orbit of the potential star, we will choose the landing point." Then he said to Xianling, "Little sister, don't play virtual games any more!"! Let's prepare our own equipment. Xianling nodded thoughtfully,outdoor ficus tree, looking a little strange, as if yearning and a little frightened. She nodded and said, "Well, I'll come to you after I quit." Lin Qiyu took off his virtual helmet and sat in a leather chair in a daze, still thinking about the two worlds. There is no secret in the outer layer, but the scanning of the inner layer is not clear. The only thing that can be confirmed is that there is a very vigorous vitality inside. He was not sure what kind of powerful creatures were inside, but he knew that with such vigorous vitality, the evolution of creatures here must be extraordinary. Xianling pushed the door and snuggled quietly into Lin Qiyu's arms. Lin Qiyu gently hugged her soft waist and said, "Little sister, if you think about it carefully, you can still remember what your grandfather once said.." This is very important. Xianling reached out and touched Lin Qiyu's face. She liked to lean on Lin Qiyu's arms, so she felt very relieved. She said lazily, "Well …" I can't remember. Brother Xiaoyu, it seems that few of us go to such a remote place in the dog days, fake blossom tree ,silk cherry blossom tree, and I am also very surprised. Grandpa said not clearly, I dare not ask, ah! Right She sat up suddenly and said, "I remember, two worlds …" There seems to be another saying, called. It's called life and death! Lin Qiyu could not help but stay, plus the word life and death, the taste of the two worlds completely changed. "Life and death?" He asked doubtfully. Xianling put her arms around Lin Qiyu's neck and snuggled up to him again. "I can't remember," she said coquettishly. Anyway, you will know when you go down to see it! Why do you think so much! "Well.." What else did she want to say, but her mouth was kissed by Lin Qiyu. Spacecraft in orbit! Spacecraft in orbit! The two of them were intoxicated with a wonderful feeling, and Duzi's voice sounded from the loudspeaker. Xianling blushed and said, "Bad brother, you're making trouble again." She removed Lin Qiyu's dishonest hands and stood up and said, "We have to tidy up our equipment. Let's go together!" Reach out to pull up Lynch Rain, and the two men walked to the cabin where the equipment was stored. It was a medium-sized storage cabin, with layers of shelves filled with all kinds of equipment and weapons. Lin Qiyu has been interested in weapons since childhood. While purchasing the Xianyu spacecraft, he also acquired a large number of weapons and equipment. He has no interest in conventional weapons in general. The more powerful the weapons are, the more he likes them. He has purchased several kinds of storm currents alone, as well as various one-man kinetic energy cannons. Hantu and Dongfeng have already selected weapons inside. When Lin Qiyu was buying weapons at Free Star, he picked out a lot of equipment he wanted to use. He took Xianling into the small cabin inside. Xianling followed him in and said in surprise, Wow! So many weapons.. Is this also a storm current? She didn't know many weapons, but she was familiar with the storm current. It was the power of the storm current that made her realize the power of high-tech weapons. Lin Qiyu took out the storm current in the storage space and picked up a new one. He said with a smile, "This is the latest type of storm current. The metal sheets in the magazine are specially made. They are very small, more numerous and more powerful. You see.." There is only one barrel, with ten trajectories on the top, and the lower barrel can launch small kinetic energy missiles, which can store six special fission bombs, which are extremely powerful and should be used carefully. Xianling looked at it carefully and said with a smile, "This storm current is much smaller than the one I used before."! Hee hee, give it to me. Then he put the storm current into the storage space and took out the original storm current and put it aside. The size of the storage space is related to the life energy. The more life energy you have, the larger the space. Pointing to the box next to it, Lin Qiyu said, "That's the magazine and kinetic energy block specially for this storm current. You put it away." He picked up another storm current. This Storm Stream is obviously one size larger than the one that Xianling collected. It is also the latest model of Storm Stream. It has two parallel barrels. The gun body is 160 centimeters long. The magazine is a special large drum with a capacity of up to one million pieces of metal. It is absolutely terrible to fire this thing. With the support of storage space, the two can carry a lot of items, in addition to various weapons, ammunition, energy, as well as advanced protective equipment, including water bottles to collect water molecules, shock knives specially used to clear the way, and a lot of food and condiments. Of course, scanners and mappers are essential equipment. Lin Qiyu tidied up and walked out. He saw Han Tu carrying a big backpack on his back. When he saw Lin Qiyu and Xianling coming out empty-handed, he said enviously, "Life skills are still great!"! Can have storage space to use,Faux cherry blossom tree, hey, I am an old man to carry such a big bag, life is bitter ah! 。