second-tier link building

In today's market conditions, an IT project (startup) is simply obliged, in its arsenal of Internet marketing tools, to develop the SEO direction, since an organic, daily influx of interested users is a fundamental factor in the success of the project.
We will skip the internal optimization factors and move on to one of the external optimization tools - link building.
Basic requirements for external links:
monthly growth in the number of domains from which there are links to the desired site
various types of links
the bulk of the links should have a natural look
The volume of nofollow links is no more than 80%.
Linkbilding, or the construction of a site reference profile is the process of obtaining hyperlinks to your site from other sites. The initial and most important link feature is navigation: links use people to go to other pages and external sites. Actually, the Internet and represents documents combined by exarcylines.
There are many ways to promote sites now. The linkbuilding service, advancement with links is considered especially popular. You can simply buy eternal links to the site, you can order the site promotion of references of the 2nd level, which is considered a more promising method.
Backlinks are active hyperlinks to the original Internet resource. As a rule, the anchor text of such links is a search query for which the site optimization is optimized in search engines. Search engines, such as Google, consider backlinks as signs of confidence. In general, the more confidence in your web pages, the higher they will be ranked when issuing results in the search.
second-tier link building is a good technique for working under Google in the first place. In Runet, it works somewhat worse, and is rarely used. There are rare cases where this mechanic works better than all other methods. But if you are sure that you are already using other methods of promotion to the fullest, and links are already placed on the first level, then you can try to put the second one.
Linkbilding is considered one of the most complex aspects of SEO, and also has a huge impact on the position of your site in the search results. Linkbilding is a way to promote a web resource, in which the number of references from external sources to this particular resource is increasing.
Multi-level reference structure is very effective for promoting sites. The formation of such a hierarchical system of backlinks will increase the weight of each highest level: Tier-2 references will strengthen Tier-1, Tier-3 will increase the reliability of Tier-2 links. Such an approach can be developed to infinity, but the optimal format remains three main levels of references: Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3.
No matter how attractive was the idea of using software, automating multi-level linkbilding, today when building a reference profile, more than ever, naturalness is important. In order for this work to bring the necessary results, the entire future reference mass must be thoroughly think about, to calculate and plan, and use the software only to dilute the reference profile.
If there is no experience, it is better to entrust the work to promote the site to specialists. It will be more effective and you will save time and nerves. Now there are many ways to promote. Multi -level linkbuilding is one of the most effective and productive methods. Promotion using reference mass.
Linkbuilding and now remains one of the most effective methods not only for primary promotion of sites, but also for further promotion. Knowledgeable people are recommended to use the linkbuilding service, in particular, the construction of second -level links.
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