Russia says biggest war games since Cold War are 'justified'


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I'm sorry but California has a larger GDP then all of Russia lol putting up a large war game like this with outdated tech is embarrassing as it's only purpose is to stir up nationalism in Russia cause that's all their running on these days.

Phil Rigby do you not know what GDP is lol Russia doesn't have the economy or the military to fight in a conventional war.

Except California isn’t between Russia and Ukraine. Ergo, meaningless.

Bryan Fenech if you cant understand the meaning of that then you probably shouldn't comment.

FYI; China, which is apparently rich, is also participating in this manoeuvre...

Garren Seifert its impossible to have a conventional war between Russia and US with 15000 nuclear warheads on standby. If war starts it's last for 4 minutes maximum and everything will over on this planet.

Pyctam..well your not wrong there

Let's hope there is not a nuclear war

Both sides would lose
And the world would too
Nucular fallout isn't good for anyone.

Bryan Fenech and counting their money isn't going to stop anything. It's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

I might make less money than you, but if I choose to spend all my money on a bike and you spend all yours on a Rolex, I'm still going to beat you in a road race. While a nice bit of info, California's GDP is irrelevant when Europe is facing 10,000 pretty decent tanks (and to be fair, they are decent).

First of all, Russia has poor financial power to support continuous war.. lol as you saw, they can’t reach California’s that directly means that entire US’s gdp is singnficant.. lol US prevails easily.

And NATO claims their war games on Russia's borders are justified. At least Russia does them in their own country.

Also doesn't seem to realize Russia invaded Georgia and Ukraine.

Stop the tyrant now.

Colin Stevenson wow you really like listening to Russian propaganda.

Xavier Case Corrick, NATO is run by the US. Please show me where the US borders Russia. You throw insults around very casually. Try some facts for a change. NATO is a US puppet organization that literally bribes other nations to join.

Andy Battaglia lets all go to the pub, have lots of drinks and all will be good.

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Emilia Lanier, did you know that under Obama, the US staged a coup in Ukraine, which overthrew the legitimate elected government and replaced it with Nazis? And, that the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to join Russia, which is not surprising considering the people are Russian.

Garren Seifert, just observing what actually happens in the world. Guess what? The US aren't the good guys.

Totally agree Andy... if our NATO troops conduct war games in territory near Russia, there can be no complaints if they do the same in their own back yard!

Woah hold on their geniuses. Those nations *ahem Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine etc* begged NATO to initiate these war games. Whatever it is, you failed to make an intelligible point.

Andy Battaglia looks like you are confusing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with United States Of America. NATO consists of most of the European nation as well as the USA (and Dear Donny wants to cut the US contribution to NATO) - so you may want to do a bit more studying on world politics and international military options..

Tony Martin, I've studied world politics for 50 years and if you had also done that, you would know that NATO is a US front organization that exists only because the US funds it and bribes nations to join.. Why does NATO even exist? Who are they protecting us from? How does the US using NATO to destroy Libya fit with your perception of NATO?
Amateurs should do some homework before posting.

Andy Battaglia Is it getting cold in your Troll cabin in St. Petersburg Andy - you seem to be losing the plot a little.

In case we were remotely interested in reality in this reply thread, which we appear to not be; Poland repeatedly appealed to NATO for help. As recently as this year, Warsaw reached out to the White House to make a military deal which effectively circumvented the, apparently US puppeteered, NATO.

For what it’s worth, because I’m not a lemming sitting in my damp UK basement, I participated in a few of these war games. There’s nothing the Polish, or Georgians, for that matter love more than seeing NATO troops in their countrysides. As fun as socialism was, for the eastern bloc, those nations would rather be a part of the free world. Where people like yourselves are able to remain pathetically uniformed while continuing to believe you hold some mystical insight. I have never felt so welcome, even in my own nation, than in these countries who so humbly reached out for NATO’s aid.

Am I right Guri Darsania?

*Some one slightly offends another country*

Other country: *arms full nuclear arsonal*

These guys remind me of the kids on the primary school play ground that get all the other kids to gang up on another kid just because they called their mum gay or something.

We should be more worried about China. Their army is absolutely massive and dwarfs the Russian Army.

Aye, we need an exact date for Red Dawn,

Fitting since most of their armored vehicles are still from that era.

With 300,000 personnel and 36,000 armoured vehicles, the size of the force is similar to that used in one of the big World War Two battles.


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