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Chen Guangda sighed: "Alas, the black desert is not the only trouble. The rise of the water level is also fatal. But no matter what, we have to go to the black desert. Eliminating the black corpse insects is the most urgent task. Maybe we can also block the eruption of the black desert!" "Master," said Xia Buer with a sudden smile! Are you going to go with me? With your help, I.. "Stop!"! Don't fool me, I'm still your strongest backing. Chen Guangda waved his hand hurriedly and said, "I will accompany you to the mountains after the New Year, but I will only be the general dispatcher for you in the rear. You young people have to go all out. If you can't handle it, I will take people abroad honestly. If I can live for a few years, I won't risk my life any more!" Xia Buer said briskly, "OK!"! It's good for you to support me, so I can go all out boldly, but there's one thing I have to tell you, I was parasitized by the red corpse bug! Are you crazy? Why do you eat red corpse worms. Chen Guangda was so surprised that he almost jumped up, and Xia Buer had to tell him the whole thing from beginning to end. "Artificial corpses are mindless fools, but they can still change your genes,digital touch screen board, even magnify the dark side of your heart, and make your thoughts gradually become extreme," Chen Guangda said with a complicated face. "I think you feel it now?" Xia Buer nodded and said, "I feel it!"! Very strong, Ou Shuran is forced by my overlord, I and Angel are also I did not control,smart boards for conference rooms, but you were able to run around the world with black corpses, I believe I can also restrain! "Alas!"! I'm afraid this is the fate of our master and disciples. Do a good job, boy. Master will always support you. Chen Guangda raised his hand helplessly, and their palms clapped together heavily, with a sympathetic smile on their faces. Chapter 1068 New Year's Eve. The sixth year of the end of the world is approaching. Although people are still wearing short sleeves in winter, the whole Heavenly King City is full of firecrackers, gongs and drums, and every household is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. Dragon and lion dancers are performing hard in the streets. After having lunch at the bathing place, Master Xia Buer and his disciples found two Thai girls to enjoy a Thai massage. Suddenly, a group of people rushed in. Chen Guangda, who was in a hangover state, thought he had wiped out pornography. He pushed the girl away and ran over the wall directly, interactive touch screens education ,smart board for conference room, but he was still pressed on the grass by several wives. You two are still in this big health care during the Spring Festival. Is it a shame to lose it? Bai Muran personally grabbed Xia Buer, carrying his ears a strong lesson, Chen Guangda was also dejected to be carried over, there are several daughters present he has no temper at all. Xia Buer grinned and shouted, "Mom!"! It's really not a big health care. Vegan has no color, otherwise we wouldn't be looking for a Thai technician! "Who called these two sets of luxury double flight packages." Ding Li angrily patted out a consumption bill, Xia Buer immediately looked at Chen Guangda in shock, no wonder Chen Guangda wanted to massage separately from him. Who would have thought that Chen Guangda would shout, "I didn't do it. The second son said he wanted to show filial piety to me. I thought he was going to give me a gift. If I had known he was doing such a shameless thing, I wouldn't have come over. I'm also a victim. If you don't believe me, you can ask!" "You.." Xia Buer pointed at him and shivered with anger. Chen Guangda immediately shouted, "I don't know what I am. I see that your wine hasn't woken up yet. I can see through your true face. You still want me to marry your daughter to you. You are wishful thinking. Let's go. Don't associate with such hooligans!" Xia Wangchuan laughed gloatingly and said, "Let you fool around with my father. He is famous for his lack of loyalty. This is a trap!" "Poof ~ ha ha ha.." Angela and others all covered their bellies and laughed. Had it not been for Xia Buer's strong character, the pot of shit would have been buckled on his head. Fortunately, Ding Li and others also knew their husband's urine, and a burst of swearing pulled him out. Chu Qin said with a smile, "You can help your master take the blame. He has a lot of criminal records. It's not easy to explain when he goes back. Let's go to the TV station later and record the Spring Festival greetings for the Spring Festival Gala. We can see it in Tianwangcheng and several nearby cities tonight!" "Alas, the Chinese New Year is trouble, and I have to go to the barracks tonight to offer condolences." Xia Buer went out helplessly. After a busy meal, he arrived at the hotel after dark. It was still the banquet hall last night, but there were several times more people than last night. The sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner was even more mouth-watering. Chen Guangda, dressed like a red envelope, sat on a chair, hugged Bai Muran and waved arrogantly and shouted, "Little Erzi!"! Come and kowtow to Dad. Dad will give you a big red envelope and ask your daughters-in-law to come together. They will be officially recognized as daughters-in-law tonight! Xia Buer narrowed his eyes and said, "Do you think I'm shortsighted? Let me take the blame during the day, and let me call my father at night. But I can knock this head today. If I knock it, you will be my father-in-law. Will you do it?" "I'll *** your mother." Chen Guangda suddenly hugged Bai Muran and kissed him. The shy Bai Muran scratched and scratched him. But instead of getting angry, Xia Buer laughed and hugged Xia Wangchuan and kissed him fiercely. Then he reached out and grabbed Angela's buttocks. You Chen Guang's old face was red with anger, and although Angela stared at Xia Buer, she didn't mean to be angry at all. But Xia Buer could not understand what he meant. You took advantage of my mother, and I got it back from your two daughters. Double revenge and double stimulation. Anyway, he only had one mother, but Chen Guangda had a lot of daughters. Master, please accept a disciple's worship. Xia Buer suddenly knelt down in front of Chen Guangda and kowtowed to him, blocking the anger in Chen Guangda's heart immediately smoothed a lot. With Xia Buer's position today, it is very conscientious to kneel down and kowtow to him,touch screen board classroom, but at the same time it also shows that he does not recognize his stepfather's identity, the only thing that can make him bow is the relationship between master and apprentice, which Xia Buer has never regretted. Good boy! Master didn't hurt you in vain. Get up. 。