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Smart series pure sine wave inverter 1000W
Cellphone,Notebook,Digital Camera,GPS Navigator,Bluetooth Kit,DVD,Monitor,PDA
Other Features
Operating Temperature:40 掳
Usage method
1.Place the power switches of the inverter and the AC device on the OFF position.
2.Connect properly to DC power source in compliance with the rating input voltage.
3.Plug the cord of the AC device in the output socket of the inverter.
4.Turning the switch of inverter on (the switch indicator gives light), then that of the AC device, this AC device can be used now as under the power supply.
smart series pure sine wave inverter 1500W
General Specification :
Product Description:
Modified sine wave inverters is one of the most popular power inverter series since the beginning. We produce the power range from 200W to 5000W recently. 300W inverter It convert 12V/24VDC to 100-120V/220-240V AC, you can power for your electric appliances which rated power less 300W continuously. There is DC cable with cigarette lighter plug and the DC cable clips included in packing, you can use in your car by plug into cigarette lighter socket or directly with batteries. The optional USB output port offer one more choise for user. It can charge for some digital equipments as you want.Pure Sine Wave Inverter factory