Pokemon Reveals New Line of Children's Books

Last year, an app that encourages regular and correct toothbrushing, Pokemon Smile, was released, and at the time, many found the announcement strange. However, the app was part of the Pokemon Company's push to become a part of children's everyday lives, and that push continues with the announcement of a series of books to help children learn to read. Pokemon as a franchise has played a huge part in children's for the last 25 years, with games, trading cards, anime, and much more merchandise.

As the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary, its popularity is still strong and is one of the most recognizable video game brands. This new series of interactive children's books called Pokemon Primers are aimed at young children, and in typical Pokemon fashion, the books will be released in sets of two. Pokemon Primers: ABC Book and Pokemon Primers: 123 Book are simple board books that fill their pages with colorful drawings of Pokemon and flaps that lift to reveal more on the page. Both books are currently available at participating retailers, and they could feature your favorite Pokemon.











According to the press release, two more books are coming soon and are titled Pokemon Primers: Shapes Book and Pokemon Primers: Colors Book. This likely means that Pokemon Primers is here to stay beyond these four releases, and we may see even more educational materials for the youngest fans of Pokemon. While this announcement may not be what Pokemon fans are hoping to hear, The Pokemon Company understands that becoming a fixture in children's lives is key to the franchise's continued success. That being said, The Pokemon Company still has merchandise aimed at larger audiences. The Pokemon Company and Original Stitch's Pokemon-themed dress shirts are still very popular with older fans, and the recent announcements of the Generation 4 remakes and Pokemon Legends: Arceus give fans of the games something to be excited for too.
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