Phenolic Resin Made in China

Product introduction:
Classification:Hot Melt Adhesives
Main Raw Material:phenolic resin
Usage:CONSTRUCTION, Anticorrosion engineering
Packaging and storage:
When the products are packed, stored and transported in 200kg iron drums, please pay attention to seal, avoid near high temperature, avoid open fire, and store for 1 month.
Quality Index of Phenolic Resin
AppearanceReddish-brown viscous liquid
Free phenol content ( %)锛?0
Free aldehyde content( %)锛?
Moisture content( %)锛?0
Viscosity (20鈩?coating -4 viscosity)( S)1000-1500
Quality Index of Phenolic Resin Curing Agent
OBSCPTSCEthyl sulfateCompound curing agent
AppearanceWhite transparent liquidWhite crystalline powdercolorless liquidDark gray viscous liquid
Specific gravity1.37-1.41Solid-1.1-1.2
The purity鈮?5%鈮?7%sulfate锛?8%ethyl alcohol-
Free acid锛?%--锛?%
Melting point14-1665-71--
Viscosity---20-30S,(25鈩僣oating -4 viscometer)
Other products:
Anticorrosion line carbon brick
Company Information
Qinyang Zhihua Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of anticorrosive materials such as anticorrosive carbon bricks and anticorrosive construction. Our company has an independent research and development team.Phenolic Resin Made in China