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So your game is going to crash, then you're going to penalize me for it? That's bullshit. I love your game and have supported it for a long time but it is literally unplayable now. Like I cannot finish a match. Your game is still crashing. The Switch needs another patch. Tired of seeing, "software closed due to an error" in the middle of matches. Your service is terrible. You owe your customers an apology. I support more videos when PrettyHair was with no suits.
i wantt itt..
😂 how much actually??.. :' i did'nt play paladin fot 2 years..
-_- i miss itt.
Are Cassie's timber and tinder costume available too on console?
Favouritism towards pc and PlayStation. Bring some sales to the Xbox.
Yeah the new hero has broken the game get patched ya fuckers lol.
The Adventure of Pretty Hair.
Do more people play this on pc? I play on ps4/ xbox one but not much players.
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Put the star pack, nightmare pack and goddess pack in the PS Store! I want that poppy plush.
Best prices in the world! Here!