Natural Waste of Online Games

At the beginning of the wedding, the waste did not appear, until now, all the players, 99% of the players are anxious, so there is no excitement to see. Novel net updates the fastest, registered users land every day to send Q coins, telephone charges are www.. Com That's awesome! Recommend bookmarking the previous chapter of the table of contents and the next chapter Warm tips: key around () around the page, up and down (↑ ↓) scroll up and down, enter key: return to the top of the table of contents, my bookshelf will be added to the bookshelf aftertaste library, please support! If you want to read more about the latest chapters of the novel, please return to the front page of the aftertaste library. Permanent address: Copyright ? Recall the stacks All rights reserved. Chapter 80 World War I shocked the world. Aftertaste Library > Natural Waste of Online Games Contents > Text Chapter 80 World War I Search the Fastest Update of This Novel Aftertaste Library Book Introduction Chapter Contents My Bookshelf Add Bookshelf Add Bookmark Recommended Book TXT Download Convert Traditional Select Background Color: Select Font Size: font 1 font 2 Font3 Text Chapter 80 World War I shocked the world. The whole White Tiger City was bathed in a peaceful and sacred splendor as a shower of flowers appeared around the temple accompanied by a huge angel statue. (Baidu updates the fastest and most stable, novel network) Looking at all the miracles in front of them, all the players in White Tiger City were excited and almost forgot the purpose of coming here. They just stood in place and enjoyed what they could not see in their lifetime. Sight. As the engagement ceremony began, Bolt and Elena held hands and stood quietly in front of the Pope,smartboards in classrooms, listening to the Pope's blessing. Today is the happiest day for Bolt. After pursuing Elena for so long, he will soon become his beloved fiancee. There is nothing more pleasant than this. The handsome and handsome Bolt is wearing a light and gorgeous silver-white armor today. With his tall stature and extraordinary appearance, he looks very heroic. Looking at the happy two people standing hand in hand in front of him, the Pope smiled and began to bless, as the Pope's voice sounded, countless voices came from all directions, the whole temple sounded the classic "Holy". Ode to Mother,65 inch smart board, all the guests who came stopped their movements and looked at the scene in front of them. Qiu Tian tried to look inside, but unfortunately through the long corridor, he could not see the scene inside at all. Is there a good way to get in without being blocked? In the face of the dense players around, as well as the movement that has begun inside, Qiu Tian can't hold his breath. Yes, just walk in. The blood emperor answered seriously to Qiu Tian. Qiu Tian was speechless. Have you made up your mind? Time is running out, and if you miss it, you have to say I don't want to help. The blood emperor glanced at Qiu Tian and said to him. Damn, I can't bear to part with the child. If I can't trap the wolf, I'll be exposed sooner or later. I'll fight. After speaking to the Blood Emperor in a low voice, Qiu Tian made up his mind and used his last move to force his way through. Bless you, smart board whiteboard ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, my children, under the blessing of God, you will all be happy.. The Pope's mesmerizing and alluring words were interrupted by a loud noise outside. The beautiful picture was frozen, and all the people in the temple turned their eyes to the outside. Shanders, Anubis, and Hammy all knew that it must be the waste. Is he here? Alena was a little excited and had been looking forward to Qiu Tian coming here at the risk of danger, but after she really came here, Alena's heart was confused. Feeling Alena's hand shaking, Bolt smiled gently at Alena and said, "It's all right. Don't worry. Everything here has been arranged. No one can ruin our happiest day.". Elena glanced guiltily at Bolt and forced a smile. He thought that Elena was afraid to do this, so Bolt grasped Elena's hand more tightly. After Qiu Tian and the blood emperor eliminated their worries and sent out their own breath, the Pope felt it for the first time, sighed in his heart, or came, his first appearance, was so not to give face. Distinguished guests, please enter the rear hall and give us a little time to deal with the unexpected situation at the scene. The Pope's gentle smile, as always, steadied the somewhat confused crowd, and the cardinals, who were serving the great men around them, had already begun to act and led the distinguished guests to the back. Your Holiness, I will not leave this hall to escape. Today is my engagement day, and I don't want to be forced to avoid anything. Elena looked firmly at the old Pope and said. Hearing what Elena said, Bolt also realized that he could not leave like this. After all, today is his engagement day. Where can he put his face? Besides, everything has a perfect countermeasure, and Bolt is not afraid. The Pope smiled. "It doesn't matter, my children. You are absolutely not in danger. I just don't want you to see something bloody and dark.". Since you insist, please don't leave this hall. We will take care of you. Elena and Bolt Nod your head. Elena. In the distance, Her Majesty, who was about to enter the apse, shouted anxiously, but before she could speak, she was interrupted by Elena. Dear mother, please'indulge 'me for once. Elena said to her mother with a wry smile. Her Majesty knew clearly what Alena was thinking, but with a sigh and a concerned look, she turned her head and pulled the king,4k smart board, who looked worried, away from the front hall. The Pope did nothing but sit quietly. He believed in the knights who guarded the gods and the faith of light, as well as the light mages who were willing to die for justice.