Mang Huang Ji

"Fire!" Meng's three men and women are surprised. I saw a figure coming out of the mountain forest, followed by a beast. Take a closer look.. It was a young man who looked like a comely animal skin, followed by a big snow-white dog. Whoosh. As soon as the young man waved his hand, all the magic weapons left by the two disciples of Xuelong Mountain were put away after the burning. Thank you for saving my life. Meng Yan, the simple and honest man, knelt down honestly and kowtowed to express his gratitude. You don't have to be so generous, and you don't have to call me senior. You can call each other Taoist friends. Ji Ning looked at this simple and honest man, can not help but have a good impression in the heart, before his divine consciousness enveloped under the induction, then found that the man performed the forbidden art crazy, but also let the other woman go first. This reminds Ji Ning of his uncle who has never been masked. My uncle did the same thing, so that he could let his mother leave alive and come to this world himself. Although Ji Ning is in a hurry, even the mind controls the silence to kill the magic sword to come to rob and kill first, but this simple and honest man performs the forbidden art to leave behind the disease root is actually difficult to eliminate. It is a pity Ji Ning sighed. Xie Daoyou. The handsome white young man even pulled up the simple and honest man, "the three of us are Meng's children, this is Meng Yan, next to this is Meng Xin, my name is Meng Jun.". I don't know who Daoyou is? "Stone." Meng Xin also took the simple and honest man's hand,touch screen interactive whiteboard, with tears in her eyes. At the same time, she also looked at Ji Ning, and she felt curious and awed by the young animal skin in front of her. Ji Ning nodded and said, "My name is Ji Ning. I happened to meet three of you when I went to Na'an City this time." "Brother Ji Ning is also going to Anshan City?" The handsome white young man even said happily, "The three of us are also going to the city. If brother Ji Ning doesn't mind, how about we go together?" Meng Yan and the woman Meng Xin also showed the color of expectation. Ji Ning nodded gently: "Good!" Before the divine consciousness enveloped,75 smart board, that Meng Yan had already begun to perform the forbidden art. So Ji Ning did not know the identity of these three people. But listen to their names. You can tell it's the same tribe. And they don't look very old. In the same tribe, there were three purple monks, all of the same age. Ji Ning secretly said, "and they are all surnamed Meng. Among the top forces marked on the map I brought, there is one of Meng's." …… Choosing to go with these three people, Ji Ning also wants to learn more about the outside world through these three people. After all, there are too few records of the outside world in the Ji family. Come on, brother Ji Ning, taste this wine. I brewed it in Meng's house. "Brother Ji Ning, taste the fruit." A big ship was flying in the clouds, and Ji Ning and Meng Shi sat down separately. There were tables in front of them, on which fruit and wine were placed. Ji Ning strength is obviously very high, Meng's three people are also intended to curry favor, smart board touch screen ,touch screen whiteboard, and Ji Ning and they go together, is also equal to a protective God ah. It's really Meng's. It has been more than two days, and Ji Ning knows more and more. Of the three, Meng Junjian was good at flattery, but the flattery was too obvious, which made Ji Ning a little evil. Meng Xin's appearance is absolutely top-notch, and it's hard to find such a beautiful woman in Ji's family. Meng Yan. He was the simple and honest man who had performed the forbidden art before, and he was the only one of the three who Ji Ning liked and was willing to make friends with him. Meng Jun is right. Meng Xin shook his head and said in a crisp voice, "We have been bullied and squeezed all the time.". The lineages of the Dongqu family live a reluctant life. Our side branches are naturally more miserable. We are lucky to be able to practice to the Purple Mansion. Want to get the top method of refining Qi? Impossible, other songs will squeeze us, will not let us grow up Dongqu. So after the three of us became the prophase of the Purple Mansion, we made an appointment to set out together and go to Anzhao City. There are stations of various sects in the city. You can try one by one in many sects, but it's a pity that Stone has already. Meng Yan smiled and said, "It's all right. It's good to be alive. It's just a forbidden art. The impact is not too great.". Anyway, we are going to arrive in Anshan City soon! We also have a chance to go further on the Xiuxian Road! "Yes, I left the tribe." Meng Jun gnashed his teeth and said, "When we become the Taoist of yuan Shen in the future, hum, then the old guys of the tribe will be greeted by Baba." "Keep your feet on the ground." Meng Yan glanced at him. Meng Jun immediately looked up to the sky and sighed: "Poor three of us are extremely miserable. I was born in the Meng family, but I can't compare with the two disciples of Xuelong Mountain." Meng Jun suddenly looked longingly at Ji Ning. "Brother Ji Ning, you are very strong. Killing the two disciples of Xuelong Mountain is like killing a chicken. Those magic weapons must be nothing to brother Ji Ning.". Brother Ji Ning.. If you don't give me one or two magic weapons, let us strengthen our strength, and don't let brother Ji Ning hold you back. "Just one or two, no more." Meng Jun stared at Ji Ning with expectation in his eyes. Ji Ning frowned slightly. This Meng Jun. Too much flattery is enough, and I found another'advantage 'of him-shameless! "No one has too many magic weapons." Ji Ning took a look at Meng Jun, "I'm going to go to the city to change a law array, but I have too few magic weapons in my hands, I'm afraid I can't change them.". Would Meng Jundaoyou like to lend me one or two? Meng Jun's face turned pale and he smiled shyly. In his heart, he secretly scolded: "It's really stingy. Last time I flattered the son of Ruxu of our tribe, and Ruxu gave me a magic weapon.". I flattered this Ji Ning for so long, and served him with good wine, which was no good at all. Seeing that he was so powerful and had a purple house spirit beast, I thought it was too much. How stingy! Ji Ning is too lazy to look at Meng Jun. Together with these three people, one wants to know more about the outside world through these three people, and the other is because he has a good impression on Meng Yan. Brother Ji Ning. Meng Xinlian pointed to the bottom and shouted, "Look, is that the city of Ann?" "Ancheng?" Ji Ning also turned his head to look. See in the distance below the endless earth, there is a huge city that can not see the end at a glance, even if the distance is thousands of miles at the moment, Ji Ning can faintly sense the waves from the towering huge city. Although the fluctuation seems weak,interactive boards for classrooms, it has infinite stamina. When Ji Ning looked at it with the naked eye, he felt an invisible oppression. Here we are, Ancheng. Ji Ning has a desire in his eyes.