Lana Del Rey Cancels Israel Performance a Week Out From Concert


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It's nice she won't support cowardly war criminals like Israel who is beyond sol once the christian taliban aka trump/GOP cult is gone.

So Brett Gorman all the palestinians are terrorists? Is that why America blocked a UN resolution to investigate Israel for war crimes committed against Palestinian people attacking while claiming they were all hamas.
An investigation would've cleared it up but Israel and America fought to keep said investigation from started.
So who's the liar, the ones fighting transparency or the ones being labeled terrorists by no one except the ones fighting transparency.

EC Cameron trump and the GOP are against religious laws ie Sharia law but recently passed a religious freedom act which rights to religion. What btw is a direct violation of one of america's foundations as a nation, the separation of church and state.
Trump also violated begging pastoral recently telling them to get the churches to back him.

Stephen Henderson I can't understand what you are attempting to crucify me for because I don't understand you post. The first part is understandable and then it leads into mush.

Alasdair Buchanan trump has enflamed the entire middle East by moving the US embassy. Donald's Trump's base is "christian" hence his appeal to the pastor's the other day.
The story is about Israel....
If you can't connect simple dots again your issue isn't with me..

Well done.
No event for settlers.

Steve Waldie this makes me happy!

Brilliant and good to see the BBC reporting this!

Why doesn’t she perform in Palestine then?

The venue would suddenly and mysteriously become an Israeli settlement before she arrived.

She’s not performing because her tickets didn’t sell. Stop deluding yourselves that some kind of Palestinian pressure group somehow did it.

Music concerts exist to make money, if her gig had sold well she’d be there.

Great decision.

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Israel throws rock concerts Palestinians throw rocks.

honestly Israel the equivalent of a kid being bullied through school now bullying someone elses younger siblings.

Took her long enough!

Unfortunately, anything to do with Israel is political in the present climate, intentional or not.

Great decision. As long as injustice happens to Palestinians... BDS.

No mention of the Khan balloon after weeks of solid coverage of the trump balloon. Instead, picking a fight with Israel. BBC is the fakest of news!!!!

Having seen pictures of the Khan balloon, I can see why the media can't be bothered with it.
Not only does it barely look like him, but it seems to be wearing a yellow bikini for some weird secret reason, known only to the people who made it.

Zionist babykillers the world is awakening.

Yay, Roger Waters will be very happy, for once!

Ignorant people brainwashed her into not performing.

Just shows what this world is now, politics even has to dominate the world of pop, quite sad really.

She's a performer. Bottom line, it's always about the money.

Got nothing to do with BDS! She didn't sell well in Israel, she had to cancel.

Hey... does anyone remember when you could go about your day to day life without politics coming into everything?

Happy times.

The headline should read “Lana Del Ray succumbs to pressure from Anti-Semitic Terror Supporters”

BDS working, haa?? Cool...

So the BBC, American Democrats and Hitler, and rich people all hate the Jews, that's original.

Neutral people should be let to go everywhere they want. Why should we tolerate intimidation and being used as a chess piece in matters you aren't interested in.