Killer whale still carrying dead baby after 16 days


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This is a very sad thing indeed, yet it’s nature and happens every day outside of our control (actually I'm learning that this particular one also seems to be the fault of humans). It’s amazing to recognize emotions, a capacity to feel and love in other animals, even perhaps a culture.

If you’re sad about this, please also realize that we forcibly impregnate dairy cows so that they’ll continually produce milk. We then take the calves from their mothers who grieve the loss, are frightened and worried about their babies, who will be turned into food and/or suffer the same life of mundane pain and suffering. Pigs too, who are demonstrated to be as emotionally aware and intelligent as dogs.

If it bothers you to see an animal mother suffering in sadness, that means you’re a good, empathetic person. Please realize that you can choose to stop directly contributing to such suffering in the world by making different choices with your dollars in the grocery store. Also, you can seriously and immediately lessen your impact on human-caused climate change by eating less meat and dairy. I’m not saying give it up entirely, just maybe eat a little less.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

Mother's love is mother's love is mother's love.

I really appreciate this comment. We are not vegetarian or vegan and I don’t know if I want to go entirely that route but I could absolutely rethink the way I shop and meal plan even if only for a few dinners a week. You weren’t preachy or sanctimonious, and you pulled on the emotions I was already feeling while reading about the j pod mother. Thank you.

Yet humans vote Yes to abortion without regrets.
Two worlds, different feelings....

Choice and the fact that the calf was born, not a collection of cells, a zygote, embryo, or fetus. Get over it.

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And some people still give money to places who take their babies away after a few months...

This event is a message from the divine to all of humanity. We must be stewards of the planet and connect with nature intimately. Every living thing is full of consciousness whether we understand or not. Give up meat. Conserve resources. This planet is dying and so will we.

Very depressing that I just pressed on the crying emoji and scroll down without reading the story. It shakes me real bad as everyone of us could easily relate how much does it feel deep inside when we lose someone close to our heart.