Jin Dou Wan Yan Cup

As soon as the wine entered his mouth, he suddenly realized that he could not help fixing his eyes on it. He immediately looked at everyone and said excitedly, "The wine tastes mellow and cool." Fragrant, the jade liquid in the sky is just like this, how can the old man not taste it slowly and drink it in one mouthful? Say this meal, hurriedly with the hand a move to hold the pot maid, pointing to the "Wan Yan Cup", excitedly continued: "It does not matter what warship! Fishing boat, come and fill it up! Then he looked at Wukong and the others. He waved his hands and said excitedly, "Sit down and drink. Sit down and drink!" The ghost knife yaksha, however, took the opportunity to look at Ruan Gongliang. Pointing to the black evil spirits, she said humorously, "Old Lake Lord, you are so good." Wine for these bastards to drink, is tantamount to pouring cattle. Before he had finished speaking, many people laughed. Ruan Gongliang listened to a stupefied, suddenly really a bit inexplicable. Ruan yuanling immediately suppressed a smile and said angrily, "Father, why are you confused today?" Ruan Gongliang must be a God. "When have I ever been wise?" He asked thoughtfully. Said so, all the people could not help laughing, just shelling the warship, seems to have been driven away by the laughter of the crowd. Here we go. Ruan yuanling could not help but giggle and stamp her little sword boots. "I want them to bring a big bowl and a jar of wine," she said with an angry laugh. As soon as Ruan Gongliang heard this, he was suddenly enlightened. He immediately looked at the middle-aged woman in neat clothes and excitedly ordered, "Sister Jiu, hurry up!" Tell them to bring a big bowl of wine! Hearing this,Agate Slabs For Sale, the middle-aged woman hurried out of the temple. Ruan Gongliang then raised the "Wan Yan Cup" and urged everyone to drink, saying, "Come on, let's drink again!" With that, he picked up the "Wan Yan Cup" again and drank it down. Double Sword Invincible saw a shock in the heart, not anxiously said: "Gong Liang, you..." As soon as he opened his mouth, Ruan Gongliang, who had put down the Wan Yan Cup, asked proudly,pietra gray marble, "What are you afraid of?" Liu Changqing has been thinking about Wu Zetian relying on the "Wan Yan Cup" to add to the fun and indulge in sexual pleasure, in case the "Wan Yan Cup" really As legend has it, this old thing is really tough to deal with tonight. Then Ruan Gongliang asked her, "What are you afraid of?" He was so angry that his face turned pink. "I'm afraid you've had too much to drink," he said angrily. Ugly! Ruan Gongliang was famous for being henpecked. As soon as he saw his beloved wife staring at him, he quickly accompanied her and said with a careful smile, "Don't worry!"! I Good lady, as the saying goes, people meet the spirit of happy events, today we her first time to come, do not say that my father-in-law is tall. Xing, even your mother-in-law should drink a few more cups. When Liu Changqing talked about his son-in-law, he couldn't help laughing, but he still looked at Ruan Gongliang and scolded him with a low smile: "I'm not serious!" In this way, many of Wukong and others laughed. Ruan Gongliang laughed, but looked at the "Wan Yan Cup" and asked excitedly, "Jade, this precious cup is indeed Wu Ze of the former Dynasty. The'Wan Yan Cup 'used by Heaven, however, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Grey Marble Slab, how could the things in the palace fall into the hands of our Wulin people? Such a question, Jiang Yufan immediately had nothing to answer. Because he did not know why the "Wan Yan Cup" fell into the hands of the elder Hua Tianren. Ruan Gongliang saw that Jiang Yufan did not answer, nor did he say who the elder of Wulin who held the "Wan Yan Cup" was, so he had to say to himself: "Perhaps the ancestor of the elder of Wulin was once a member of the palace of the former court and the back garden. Otherwise, how could such a treasure in the palace flow to the people?" "And?" Jiang Yufan was naturally not clear about this matter, so he had to shake his head and said with a smile, "Her is not clear either!" As soon as the voice fell, the voice of the Black Evil God suddenly sounded again. "I know," he said in a deep voice. So said, the whole seat was shocked, all the people's eyes, one after another looked at the black God. Jiang Yufan was afraid that he would say something about the elder Hua Tianren, so his handsome face sank and he asked with concern, "What do you know?" The Black Evil Spirit immediately bowed and said respectfully, "My subordinates know the story of the'Wan Yan Cup 'flowing into the folk!" As soon as Jiang Yufan heard the story, He immediately smiled with relief. Zhu Qingzhu, Ruan yuanling, as well as the bald girl and the ghost knife yaksha, could not help cheering excitedly: "We have one." I haven't heard you tell the story of Wan Yan Cup for more than a year. Master Rui, you can tell it to us while drinking, OK? As soon as the Black Evil God heard about drinking, he could not help turning his head and looking outside the hall. Just then, the neat nine sister-in-law was holding seven or eight large vermilion porcelain bowls and came in, followed by two jars. The four big men of wine. Last year, in a small village at the eastern foot of Huangshan Mountain, Ruan yuanling once heard the magical story of "Wan Yan Cup" told by the Black Evil God. She also clearly remembered that she had asked her brother Yu for it at that time, so she also knew that although the Black Evil God had not read it. Books, however, have the genius of storytelling. As soon as he saw the wine coming, he said happily, "Lord Rui, the wine has been brought here. Can you say it now?" As soon as Hei Sha Shen saw him holding a big bowl and carrying a jar of wine, he was immediately full of energy. In addition, he was particularly fond of telling stories, so he immediately responded. He coughed, cleared his throat, and stretched his neck. As soon as the ghost knife mother saw it again, she immediately snorted and sneered, "Here comes the old trouble again. It's like stuffing an egg in my throat." Ground! Many people laughed when they said so. At this time, the wine jar has been opened, and the fragrance of the wine is overflowing. The neat nine sister-in-law, especially happy and diligent, first poured a large cup for the black evil spirit, and ordered the maid to send it over. The black evil spirit also unceremoniously drank a big mouthful first, as if to moisten his throat. At this time, all the people in the hall were concentrating and staring at the black evil spirit. Every time the Black Evil God tells a story, he always sits upright, serious and serious, and pulls off the shelf of storytelling. Look at his expression now, think of him when fighting with people, as powerful as a tiger, hand up and down, belly out of the situation, simply! It's like two people. Of course, everyone's eyes were focused on his big black face, which could be said to be his most proud moment. I wish the Black Evil God could finish telling the story of "Wan Yan Cup" in a few words. The ghost knife hag, who drifted into the folk story, saw his pride. The air, seemingly serious appearance,Artificial Marble Slabs, in the heart a belly of fire but dare not scold out. Because she knows the black evil spirit's temper best, scolded him not to speak, see who is anxious. forustone.com