Is anyone going back to the tents?

I know most keep growing and don't get me wrong, I love my puppy, but a really decent tent is a good thing. There are three of us and my tents are designed for 4 people, so the size is quite close. I have a few of them: a bargain-priced marmot from Cabela's for about $120 (2 real poles + 2 small spreaders, usually about $350), their instinctive basket equipment at a bargain price of about $250 (tons of poles, figuratively and almost literally, usually $600 is exaggerated) and used Eureka assault equipment (3 poles $ 200, usually $ 450 is almost exaggerated) and

Each one is good, and if I chose one, it would be Eureka, as with a better choice of materials, layout and ease of installation. None of them left me discouraged, although some saw "splashes", and others - downpours.

Honestly, I could take a small trailer, maybe even a motorcycle, and pack things like 5 to 20 pounds of propane, a stove, a battery (if I needed a real light and a fantastic fan), maybe an ez-up or a room with a screen in addition to other things that we usually take. It would be an easy tow and great mileage.
We still have tent tents (REI) of 4 and 6 people and other supplies, and we would use them if there was a good reason. When we were still holding a group camping event with our Church, the place for group camping was not adapted for vacationers, so we took a tent. (On one of them, someone didn't listen to the description-he was told about it several times, and he said that this was the first time they installed their pop-up window in the parking lot. It worked.) While at 65 I can still sleep on the floor with a Thermostat, I can no longer climb into the tent on my own, and dodging in and out is not suitable for my back pain.
My husband always has backpacks, so he has time for tents. This year he will also go on a trip to meet one of his brothers when he is here in the West and will take either this tent with a backpack or the one that is designed for 4 people.
Our first puppy was 6 feet tall with a cot, and we found that there was actually less room for our stuff than in our tent for 6 people. It took some management. Our second puppy was 8 feet tall, so the extra bunk was comfortable. Now we are in TT, which is a little longer than the puppy had.
In my opinion, everyone has their pros and cons. I always have a tent, and I sometimes go out of it. There are times when I really like the secluded places that can be found with a tent. My tent is set up very quickly, and sometimes easier than my pop-up window. Since my camper is stored off-site, it may be too difficult to get it, if only for one night. I like my pop-up window because it lifts me off the floor and can get away with it. No rivers or waterfalls crossing my tent. There are no wet bedding for sleeping, and, even better, a tourist can take me hiking with him more often in bad weather/cold. I can move my season to late autumn, when I will be an ice cube even in my so-called zero-degree sleeping bag. So while I don't see myself wanting to go back to my tent forever, I also won't get rid of it because there are times when I'd rather use it. I still have a camping tent, although it is no longer used on trails, but for my kayaking trips I can go camping once in the blue Moon
At the moment I have a tent for two, for four, I also have a tent for watching the stars. I will say that I need all these tents for different conditions and hikes. In addition, I want to buy a tent for eight people in the near future, so that it would be much more spacious. I've already invented one in everest.Moreover, if any of my friends suddenly wanted to join our hike, they could easily be accommodated in my tent. Well, I also found a stargazing tent at for solo walks or with my wife and children. To make it easier to look at the stars and immerse yourself in your thoughts.