Interested to use Genshin Impact pc mod for Tales of Arise?

You can always leave the task of pouring all kinds of creativity for the games they love to the modders. Although the result of this creative energy does not always lead to something that has a higher value and sometimes ends up being absurd, mods are still the most important part of the gaming ecosystem on PC. The one he always managed to offer? "Forcing" a collaboration that is almost impossible if it is submitted through official channels and negotiations between two developers or publishers. This is what happened with Tales or Arise.

Based on the Unreal Engine with a charming character design, complete with character classes, each focused on a specific job, it's only a matter of time until the mod completes or "destroys" this one game. In just a few weeks of its release, it has been hit by various "naughty" mods for the characters Shionne and Kisara. But fortunately not only the naughty mod, one of the modders managed to bring the Mona costume from Genshin Impact for use by Rinwell who incidentally, is also a mage. This costume comes with commendable details.

Tales of Arise itself is now available on various platforms with high sales figures which is a relief for Bandai Namco. So far he is listed as the fastest selling Tales game. Those of you who are interested in this Mona mod can visit the following link. How about you? Playing Tales of Arise PC with mod support?

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