India winking song: Actress not blasphemous, court rules


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Can't we just abolish ALL religions?

I thought religions all taught tolerance but that has never been practiced in real life by any religious group around the world. It's very upsetting.

yes we should .But actually can’t.
human didn’t learn.Sad.

Couldn't agree with you more.

That's what communism tried to do. It didn't work, and neither did communism. Get real.

It's a nice idea but if it was enforced abolishment the resulting tantrums from religious groups would be catastrophic. We, as a race, need to mature by ourselves and move beyond religion, and that will take education and time. Maybe more time than we actually have.

This is why multiculturalism won't work,ever.

Don't miss the fact that we with our "Western" and secularist values are influencing as well. And pretty well.

Phillip Singleton Psst - culture isn't genetic, may want to revise that comment before too many people see it.

Maybe that's because you have a narrow definition on multicultrualism? People accept basic principles, such as equality, freedom, democracy, and then every group keep their own culture. Then surely it will work.

It says more about the people complaining that they’re so aroused by winking.

no sane muslim finds THAT offensive, get a grip BBC n stop dramatising things!

incorrect, misleading reporting of the case. Wink was not the reason, it was the song playing in the background, that hurts the religious sentiments of the Muslims. The same way as speaking against the exaggerated figures of the holocaust hurts the western world.

Muslims can be irritating most times.

The wink was not offensive but the song in the background. BBC, you got to be more professional and truthful.

Every other day they will think of something to fight for...which is totally insane. The story itself is utterly ridiculous things pathetic .

Everything a woman do is a problem like we are not people.

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What next? Breathing?

shaking hands and now winking what's next?

FAKE NEWS the Muslim of that place actually complained about the song used in this viral wink video, because the lyrics of the song was religious and was about the prophet. BBC ur stupid.

Muslims find everything offensive.

Some muslims find breathing offensive...

Muslims outraged at somebody winking. Yep. That sounds like Muslims to me.

If it offended muslims it was probably the right thing to do. Show more.

Which Muslims find it offensive? Wahabist..... Even if you sneeze they found it offensive.

At least there'll be no 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' how do they exchange brown envelopes?

God this is stupid (pun and insult, fully intended)

Muslims find everything offensive, next.

Is there anything that doesn’t offend muslims??

Question is what ISN'T offensive to Muslims??

Could people rad the article? It's about a small number of religious people being unhappy that they saw this as being suggestive in a sacred song.... Kind of like when some Catholics got all upset about Madonna's Like a prayer video.

I can’t do this, it’s against my religion = fine.
You can’t do this because it’s against my religion = GTFOH.