I go north, and my old friend goes south.

After he saw the news of Huayu Media, his first reaction was also very positive that the Tang family was exerting pressure behind the scenes. No way, his imagination is too thin, besides, I can't think of anyone else in St. Poppy City who can make the Flower Language Media make such an apology statement. However, he was deeply puzzled by another piece of news later. Does Feng Ping have a bad life in the Tang family? Disrespected? The housekeeper was very rude to her? The reporter even suggested that she was so mentally abused that she could not bear it and finally left the Tang family and stayed in a hotel. As the media said, this is too weird and confusing. He's really curious. But Feng Ping didn't answer his phone yesterday, and he didn't want to call again. Curiosity is curious, but it's not worth taking risks with self-esteem. Years of career experience has made him particularly mature and stable, and there are few ups and downs in his emotions. But since Feng Ping appeared, his mood has been unstable. At first, of course, he felt melancholy because of the reappearance of the past, but later he was more concerned about himself. Beichen was his biggest customer and could not afford to lose. Speaking of this, he had to marvel at her good luck. There were thousands of men and thousands of women in Santa Maria. She was extremely lucky to squeeze out the strong competitors and succeed. You may think it's weird or unbelievable, but he admires her. Capturing a playboy like Don Canaan is no easy task, and she's already halfway there. She is much cleverer than before. In the past, when they were together, she was lonely, sensitive and inexplicably sad, a typical adolescent girl. She should have used her cleverness to specialize in her work, but she always focused on some unnecessary things,Porcelain Marble Slabs, which caused a lot of trouble to each other. Those days.. An Yuesheng raised his head and drank up the liquor in the cup, closed his eyes and tidied up his mood a little, then opened his eyes. He saw the colorful night scene of Central. I couldn't help thinking of the report that Feng Ping went to the White Horse Apartment for half a year, and the daily consumption place was the clothing wholesale market in Cherry Blossom Street. And, of course, the Tan Kee Noodle Restaurant they used to go to. If these were true, if she had not told him not to contact him again, he would have been tempted to flatter himself. In fact,Carrara Marble Slab, he had flattered himself, otherwise he would not have called her. She didn't answer, which hurt him a lot. Thinking of this, an Yuesheng felt bored. He settled himself heavily on the windowsill and decided to go out to get some air and relax. Before ten o'clock, the nightlife of St. Poppy City had not yet begun. He drove aimlessly around the street, deliberately around Cherry Blossom Street on the outskirts of the city, and stopped outside the White Horse Apartment for a long time. He used to be a man who was not easy to be sad, but when he was sad, he was as explosive and aggressive as an honest man who lost his temper. He was so sad that even he was a little surprised, as if he really loved her until he died. In fact, he lived for thirty years and never had the experience of being crazy about love. Not only that, his emotional experience is poor enough, not like him, or like him, he does not like, it is not easy to have one or two congenial, Agate Stone Price ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, but there are always objective reasons of one kind or another, and ultimately failed to get together, or even had time to develop in depth, was strangled. Therefore, he has always had regrets in his heart, even in the days when he was with Feng Ping. Whenever he recalls the campus beauty of his school days, he can't help but wake up-how nice it would be if he could be with her. As if with the original person, there is no need to worry about daily necessities, you can drink the dew of Mulan in the morning, eat the fallen flowers of autumn chrysanthemum in the evening, and be a pair of leisurely and noble immortal companions. There are all kinds of different people in everyone's life, some people can be used to kill the years, some people can be used to treasure and remember. Once upon a time, Feng Ping unfortunately became an Yuesheng to kill the years, some people always feel that it is not perfect. Now, she has finally become the one who is missed, so her shortcomings in the past, like the spots on the picture, can be photoshopped out. Anyuesheng's brain is a PS tool, which can feather all angular memories. But maybe it's the alcohol. Who knows, a man who goes to a bar to get drunk, if there is no woman to make him lose his mind, simply can not be justified. In the matter of drinking, he is gifted, has a good drinking capacity, and has a reputation of not pouring a thousand glasses. He is admired by both his boss and his clients, but sometimes he is very upset. For example, tonight, it is extremely difficult to get drunk. Within three hours, he declined four women and two men who came to talk to him. He tried very hard to get drunk, but in vain. On the way back, I waited for the red light at the intersection of the square and saw someone I shouldn't have seen. He thought he was dazzled and blinked hard to see again. Yes, it's Feng Ping. He wanted to get out of the car, but the green light was on and he could only drive forward. Out of the corner of his eye, he turned the rearview mirror and watched her white clothes recede rapidly and disappear into the night. All of a sudden, he felt his chest tighten, the memory wrapped around his heart like a cold snake, and the sadness that had been brewing all night reached its peak in an instant. He felt a strong nausea, quickly parked the car on the side of the road, and began to vomit. In late spring, the temperature has risen sharply, but it is still a little cold in the early morning. Feng Ping tightened the open white windbreaker, which was a light blue shirt with a vertical collar, wearing trousers and four-centimeter high-heeled shoes. Walking in the cool breeze at night, there was a kind of free and easy beauty. She had dinner with Tang Zhan in the evening, feeling a little sad, and went to the pub alone to drink some wine. His thinking is really strange, frankly appreciate her, also like her,Calacatta Nano Glass, but do not want her to become the daughter-in-law of the Tang family, this is really surprising. Call it three or four months ago, and she might get the wrong idea. There is no doubt that Tang Zhan is a legend. forustone.com