alpha titan testo weirder I shook her shoulder as a baby it's time to get up and she rolled over and said wait you're about as men how we will do that what about me like we do it very passive-aggressive macho ly but we still do it well what about me what about my needs you didn't come here for your needs I'll tell men at men's retreats just get up in the morning get your kids ready for school cook breakfast go to work work overtime come home make dinner but for the kids to bed do the dishes massage your wife's feet and shut up about it for real that even at your worst moment at the end of that day you'll look nothing like a crucifix and we are here to end up looking like a crucifix I made the mistake years ago of watching a YouTube tutorial on how to give a good foot massage and I thought I'd surprise my wife one night and I got these like lotions and like a towel and like we sat down to watch TV and I had practiced on my own feet of course I would really good at it and so I pulled her foot up and she's like what are you doing I'm like Shh and I just grabbed the lotion to be and I put it all over my hands and I massage her feet and I did a really