Oshen Watch One of the things that makes Oshen Watch such a great product is it’s 2-in-1 functionality, which is a really unique feature. You can use it to monitor your health and crush those fitness goals all while staying connected to your family and friends. Oshen Watch automatically monitors all your biometrics (such as your heart rate and blood pressure) and tracks your fitness progression (such as your steps and distances). Oshen watch Price There are many packages of the product available on the companys website. -The retail price of one unit of the product is $76.85. But, you get it for $49.95 when you purchase it from the company’s official website. -You can buy two units of Oshen Watch for $99.90. You save $53.79 on the deal. -If you decide to purchase three units of the smar twatch, youve to pay $112.39 for the deal. -The company has priced four units of Oshen Watch at $137.36. You save $170.02 on this deal. -The shipping charges are- $8.95 when you order one smar twatch, $9.95 for two smar twatches,