Top-5-best-weight-loss-pills this thanks to Kiera she was the one that discovered this because she doesn't like to drink today hi Harlem lady 59 yes hello hi sweetie how are you today how are you I am super excited about this guys I am so happy about that I found this thank God I found this okay cuz I am hospital for four days until they found out instantly like right away they found out as soon as I hit the hospital my sugar levels were at 415 415 I almost went into shock I almost went into a coma I almost died so this was life-changing for me I suddenly quit everything cold turkey okay cold turkey no sugar no cholesterol because my cholesterol was at 528 and the technician the lab technician had to do four times had to take my blood samples because my blood was my with all being said okay I've changed I've all I've been eating is a lot of fruits a lot of vegetables because of my sugar and also because I have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that's another thing that I was diagnosed with because of my fatty liver disease there are certain foods I cannot eat because it will inflame my liver I cannot eat potatoes I cannot eat corn I cannot eat bacon so the pineapples once in a while not too much I have to avoid cranberries cranberries will just freak my levels I mean it'll out my levels will just go crazy what else what else because of all that I am seeking a nutritionist advice I'm seeing a nutritionist