How to Set Up Forex Trading Station

Forex Telegram Channel Whatever your trading capital, whatever your trading style or skill level, this coaching session shows you step by step how to formulate and work your own individualized trading plan geared to your goals. The targeted focus is on specific ways to avoid losses, manage risk and successfully reach your financial goals in the fastest, safest, most stress-free way possible.

How to Set Up Your Trade Station:
Beginner and experienced traders alike will find this up to the minute information very helpful in a very fast changing goods and services industry.
- Choosing Your Brokers and Platforms
- Choosing and Setting up Your Charting
- Plotting Your Indicators
- Planning the Trading Session, Logging the trades

Risk Management Techniques
Everything you ever wanted to know about how not to lose money trading Forex. Learn the broader range of capital preservation techniques which go way beyond techniques for setting stop losses and trailing stops, to straddle trades, mirroring currency pairs, trend trading and numerous other techniques which all add up to be tremendously effective in mitigating risk.