Hokage-Attacking and Defensive Battle of Abducting Belt with Nine Tails

The village chief seemed determined to keep me down. "Let's get together. You'd better go to my house for a simple meal first." In fact, I want to ask for the travel expenses for the sister and brother. After all, I can't save them and then help them travel at their own expense. But I don't want to stay here any longer. While I was hesitating, Jueying had already come out with Deidara. I frowned and was a little unhappy. I told them not to move and wait for me to find them. They appeared now to make things more complicated. The village chief also saw them and winked at the moustache, who went to catch them. Jueying smiled and said loudly, "She's a ninja we hired." Half of you is the darkness I slowly sink into. (Lower) Kakami: See Jueying suddenly have a well-thought-out plan to negotiate with the village head. I smiled silently and picked up Dedara. Xiaodi, your name is so cute. Did your father or mother give it to you? I pinched his little fat face and missed it very much. Ah, both Xiaodi in his previous life and Naruto in his childhood in this life seem to have become distant memories. Didara thought about it seriously. "I didn't ask. My sister should know." I touched his fluffy little head. "Nah, shall we dye our hair blonde?" His fleshy little hand grabbed my wrist and shook his head desperately. "No, no, I like Dad's color." Oh, he probably got his black hair from his father. I regret to put him down, and sure enough, abduction of children and so on,fake ficus tree, I also according to Orochimaru idol far from it. After talking to the village head, Jueying came to me with a smile and crossed my arm affectionately. "Sister, let's go to the village head's house to have a rest first." I curled the corners of my mouth. "Yes." Following the village chief back to his house, I glanced sideways at the MOUSTACHED man behind me. Murphy. Is he in a state of alert to guard against me or to rescue me at the first time when I am in trouble? It's funny that he keeps holding the long knife on his waist. Sitting in my chair, I was a little restless,faux ficus tree, and I didn't pay attention to the conversation between the village head and Jueying. Blond hair, blue eyes. Besides Xiao Di, there is another person who is also like this. I wonder what he is doing now? I guess I should make progress every day under the leadership of the Hokage. I held the handle of the chair with an unnatural force and broke the wood. The two men who were talking looked at me in amazement. The moustache pulled out a long knife and pointed it at me. I shook the wood in my hand. "Oh, sorry." The village chief smiled and said it didn't matter. I looked at it and seemed to look at my shadow unnaturally. I smiled and said, "Can I go out for a walk?" "Be my guest." "No." The two people who were talking happily just now answered me together. A delight. A panic. I beckoned Didara to come over. "Nah, Little Di, will your sister take you away now?" My voice was not loud, but it was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Dedara blinked. "Weren't we supposed to leave?" "Yes, weren't we supposed to go?" I repeated softly, looking at Jueying. Children are too stupid to be cheated easily, fake ficus tree ,large ficus tree, and it is not good for children to be too smart? Especially when you don't have much capital. Jueying's face changed and he said to the village head, "I'm sorry, we have something personal." The village chief and the moustache went to the next house together. Jueying looked at me with an ugly face. "Don't you want to help us?"? Do you want to go back on your word? Do you want the village's money? Her tone was aggressive. My heart is funny, she actually used words to pinch me, it is really. You don't know me. I saved you for fun. Now it doesn't seem necessary. You get along well with the people in the village. Hehe, bye-bye. I smiled and turned away. Jueying immediately became anxious and stopped me. "Can't you go?" I gave her a white look, pinched her shoulder and easily threw her on the bed. "If you were a few years older, you might live well in the outside world, but now you have nothing but a heart with seven orifices. Tut, the wood is more beautiful than the forest, and the wind will destroy it.". ” Seeing that I was leaving, she bit her lip and said loudly, "You stay and protect me, and I'll tell you where my baby is." Baby? I looked at her. "If I want it, I have a thousand ways to get you to talk. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in your things. I thought your brother was cute, but now." Come on, take care of yourself. I touched Dedara's head. "I hope you live." Then he left the room in spite of Jueying's cry. The moustache stood at the entrance of the village and stared at me. I smiled at him, and his eyes widened in slight surprise. Because after I smiled at him, I appeared behind him and touched his neck with my fingers. "Don't look at me like that. You'll die." The moustache went limp on the ground, and I walked out along the mountain road in a happy mood after the prank. Don't have to be hypocritical and perfunctory. It's great to protect them and publicize Konoha's prestige while bearing malicious eyes. Hey, Naruto, what are you doing? I stood in the woods and worried about whether I should go to the ghost to finish the task together or wait for them to eat snacks and drink soda on their way back? Nah, don't give yourself a hard time. Go and wait for them. I pulled out the key. "Go, explore the way. Which direction should I go?" Mangki gave me a white look, squeaked for a while, and got into my hair. My black line was despised by the monkey. He said he was too small to explore and that I was an idiot who couldn't assign work. Well, don't doubt it. I did understand the meaning of his gesture. We are on the same wavelength. For example, I know he can already speak, but I pretend to be mysterious and refuse to speak. For example, he knows that I sometimes miss Kakashi and reminds me to write. For example, "Mangki,silk olive tree, there are people ahead, let's go and ask for directions." He tugged my hair in agreement, and I followed the sound. hacartificialtree.com