HMRC celebrity 'blacklist' over tax avoidance backed by Cable


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How about closing the legal loop holes and rewarding those who improve the lives of others without reward. Lifeboat men, mountain rescue etc.

And all nhs staff police etc.

You have to be a C list celebrity famous for doing nothing or a sports person to get a gong these days. People who actually do something worthwhile helping others don't get a look in. You also get one if you are a friend of the prime minister no matter how controversial you have been or whether you deserve one or not.

You can all nominate your local heroes. Happens all the time that people, regular people, get honours but YOU have to nominate!

Save any debate, make tax avoidance illegal !!

Tax evasion already is illegal - doesn’t stop tradesmen countrywide taking cash payments and not declaring it. Tax avoidance is simply carefully planning ones tax affairs within the scope of what the law allows! Simple solution - make the law less “grey”....and make it illegal for tradesmen to take cash payments!

Tax avoidance not evasion !

A few tradespeople taking cash is not exactly on the same scale as say Gary Barlow squirreling away his millions, or businesses such as Amazon or Starbucks paying virtually no tax at all....

Dangerous ground here. How many people have made pension contributions and claimed the tax relief on them? That's a simple form of tax avoidance. Should it be illegal when the allowance is strictly provided for, in law, as an encouragement to save?

Doesn't really make sense, persecuting someone for doing something legal?

If those HMRC believe it's unscrupulous, they know the loopholes. So why not plug the loopholes and make it illegal. The country would benefit greatly from this. Stop relying on peoples good nature to collect taxes.

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Make it retrospective.

About time too.

Either make the tax schemes illegal or jog on. Blacklisted for doing something completely legal? Ridiculous!

No more tory knights then.

One simple law change..HMRC to make everyone declare their worldwide assets and income, whether its taxable or not. This would allow HMRC to see whether the schemes are legal, immoral, or simply dishonest. It also creates transparency and allows for them to close ‘dodgy, misused’ loopholes. There should also be massive fines and even confiscation of assets where serious crime and avoidance is involved.

For some reason both Labour and Conservative governments have refused to implement the Tax change despite calls from HMRC. Needs a petition to get the ball rolling....

I find that "claim" a little hard to believe, Sir Elton, Sir Cliff, Sir Paul, this list is extensive and they all employ tax avoidance mechanisms. Avoidance is lawful and with the system it is possible and permitted so they are doing nothing wrong but working the system to their advantage. It certainly isn't limited to "famous" people either.