History of VietNam - Ly Thuong Kiet: The Battle of Yongzhou – EP 01


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On 1.3.1076, the city was demolished after 42 days. The number of people killed in Unghou is 58,000
Despite the sudden and heavy losses in the southern border area by the attack of Ly Thuong Kiet, Song still has a lot of potential. King Tong and Wang Ansheng relied on the fortification of Ungzhou City to take over the forces of Đại Việt, and then sent a large army to the other side directly to the territory of Dai Viet. Vuong An Thach replaced King Tong with a pitch called Thao Giao Chi Chieu, which was used to defeat the military spirit of ÐaDi ViêDt, as well as responding to the words of the Song Dynasty belligerent. Kiet has posted a table along the way. "Thao Giao Chi Chieu" has words expressing the imperialist ideals of the great country, the superiority of both appeasement and threatening force against the Vietnamese people. The text is as follows:

"Reviewing Annam for life eternal royal, the tide before the treatment of bourgeois, when also tolerate forgiveness, until today. Now invade the hamlet, killing the people, the French are not able to forgive. Yes, it is imperative that heaven conquer, that is to say, there is a name. So wrong Zhao Tiep as an official director, Chief of the Department of Strategic Business Chieu Thao Su, Ly Hien added Deputy Commissar, Yen Dat as Deputy Director General, according to the time the navy and the road forward. The sky is clear, and the points are clear. Those who regret, keep the enemy enemy, wherever the king arrives will not harm the civilians and slaughter the defeated.

People who have long been living in misery, if they advise their master's household, exalted themselves, commit suicide, take their pledge, they will be rewarded with pride, glory, merit. All previous pardons were pardoned. Can Duc is still childish, the order did not he out, when the tide will be treated as serious as before. My words are not wrong, do not listen to mistakes. Recently, I have heard that the people of the oppressed, I commanded the angel of death to impart my grace, brutality and heavy duty. May my vassals always be happy. "

Ung Chau fortress and many soldiers, weapons because this is the place to collect the wealth of Tong to fight Dai Viet. Bhikshu is an accomplished general of Song. He used the property distributed to the people in the city, using words of encouragement to make the whole consensus. Ly Thuong Kiet fins more than a month can not be lowered. Dai Viet Army thought of digging tunnels through deep ditches and walls to break into the city. Unghou troops found tunnels, To Master to burn fire at the mouth of the tunnel, causing the Dai Viet casualties. The Dai Viet forces used fire, firing ammunition fire from rocket and rocket fire in the city, causing many casualties to the population and Song soldiers. Ung Chau burned many places, not enough water to put out fire.

In the city shortage of drinking water, people have to drink dirty water, disease outbreak so that a lot of people died. Even so, the wall was not demolished. Shotguns from this time of fire proved insufficient to break the wall of Ungzhou. In the end, Ly Thuong Kiet used the ground. He sent troops to land in the bag, made tens of thousands of land and then prisoners of war victims dare to surpass the rain shield named land under the foot to form a platform. Soon a steep road to the city was made. The Dai Viet army then flooded into the city like a broken shore, so no one could stand. Suzi was still willing to die and the people of Ung Chau resigned. When he saw no hope, he returned home and killed all 36 people, buried his body in the pit and burned himself. Such suicidal practitioners made the people of Ungzhou feel grateful that they would not surrender; they fought to the end in despair. Disasters have hit all of them, a massacre has taken place.

Ly Thuong Kiet to complete the war of attrition was ordered to kill all people in the city. On 1.3.1076, the city was demolished after 42 days. The number of people killed in Unghou is 58,000. On the side of the Dai Viet, there was a total damage of more than ten thousand and some elephants in the battle of Ung Chau. In the past, Toi was advised by Liu Di, Judge should not provoke Dai Viet for fear of the Dai Viet army will overflow to Tong first but was dismissed outside the ear, was also reprimanded. Now, our army actively attacked before, based on the strategy used to invade the Unghou City was smashed momentum, tens of thousands of Tong soldiers were killed. With the demise of Ungzhou, we will see that all of Tong's strategic intentions are reversed. Although this offensive against the Vietcong troops was aimed at self-defense, it must be said that many of the Songs were killed, many of them unjustly. They, like the Dai Viet army, were victims of the tyranny of the typhoon.

Ly Thuong Kiet or news of Tong troops to send troops to fight Dai Viet, standard