Government to ban energy drink sales to children in England


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It's nobody's fault but parents. If parents don't feel the need to keep their kids away from these harmful drinks then no law or anything can help us. They will always find another diet even if you make laws against these caffeine drinks, doesn't matter. I have a 4 years old boy, he is very active and wants to eat and chew everything he can grab. I have never in his life given any such drinks, once in 3-4 months maybe he takes a sip of coke while we eat junk food, he fights a lot for more, but he never gets it. Now he doesn't even care for those things. Milk is all he is going to get with other healthy food. It's simple...Don't give kids what they want, give them what they need...I am surprised, that as a parent someone has to make a law to let us know this issue. We are supposed to know it and protect our child, there are no excuses on this one, just none.

It's not always the parents. When your kids can go to the shops alone etc, parents have little control over what they purchase. It shouldn't be possible for children to buy them in the first place.

It's not. My daughter NEVER had anything like that, she wasn't allowed. Once she hit about 10 and could pop to the local shops with friends I discovered she had been buying them. So as I said, it shouldn't be possible for children to purchase them in the first place.

My friend once told me about something her mum witnessed on one of her many visits into local schools. (She runs a charity which works with children and families to get their lives on track if they are struggling).

She went into this primary school classroom and was asking the kids how they were enjoying school, if they had friends and their families were ok. There was one little boy being very disruptive. She asked the teacher about this boy and the teacher said;
"Oh, him? We're fairly sure he has learning issues, he can never focus, always shouts and runs around. We've tried to talk to his mum but she leaves with him every day before we get a chance. The other kids don't like his disruptive he can be and he therefore doesn't really have many friends."
My friends mum was shocked and asked if she could talk to the boy. The teacher told her she could try.

She approached the boy and asked him how he was. She then asked him "What have you had for breakfast?"
He replied: "A piece of bread and a red bull"
She asked if that was what he had every day and he nodded.

Young children are not supposed to be given these drinks, but often are due to its low price and high energy content. Perhaps putting them on the same level as alcohol might deter parents from getting it. The combination of taurine and caffeine in high doses can not only be harmful to your brain (stronger crashes and addiction) but also your kidneys and liver. I've had friends go yellow from drinking too many of these drinks.

Bishop Kanyenga Mbeta true, but more education is needed and more help for families in choosing low price healthy options for their kids.

Who on earth in their right mind gives ANY child a red bull? A pint of milk is cheaper and is a lot healther for a child to drink with a slice of bread!!!

It's not the drink that is the issue..... That is a cop out.....

It is the parents fault and lack of knowledge and understanding about food and how it affects the body....
Also we don't know what the personal circumstances are either on top of this in combination with the lack of knowledge..... I'm just speculating...

David Cole I agree, it just was something I knew related to the topic at hand. I think the main fear here was that perhaps the child's behaviour was being made worse by this breakfast option.

As someone who’s drank energy drinks frequently ( no more than 1 a day , 2 a day whilst at uni , now not even 1 a day) for 10 years , not something I’m happy about mind. I wish there had been a government ban back when I was introduced to them. Maybe I wouldn’t need them to function on a higher level now .

I tried Red Bull. It was like cough syrup. I just don't comprehend the appeal. Have taste buds been so trashed?

I had 2 funny turns from drinking to much of these the second time am still suffering from and it's been over 3 months know am slowly getting better from it so o wouldn't advise these drinks at all.

I thought they already did as I keep getting asked for id everytime I go buy them
😁 even though I'm 28...don't look it apparently.

I will never forget when I worked in a shop, a mother with a toddler and a younger toddler in a pushchair came in and bought 2 cans of red bull. She opened one poured some in a toddler cup and gave the rest of the can to the other child. I couldn't believe it. Why would you give children these drinks!

I have seen mums do this i had to stop myself crossung the road to snatch it out their hands ffs!!

What??!! I wasn't aware folks were doing this. Energy drinks aren't good for adults (but even I drink them every now and again to keep up in the capitalism rat race and survive) so I would assume they would be horrible for children. As an adult, I know energy drinks are horrible. I wouldn't dare give one to anyone that is still growing and developing. Wow.

What kind of lunatic would caffeinate a toddler??

his would be the type of mother who claims her child is naughty so it must be "adhd" so cant get a job.

Yes! First hand experience on this disgusting drink. My son drank two large cans and suffered a seizure! I personally hate these things and banned from my home. Soo many scans from eeg, ecg, ct and mri... sickening thing is, these are cheaper to buy than coke or Fanta!!

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Don't know how anyone can drink any of this crap anyway. Vile stuff.

No, let people figure it it for them self, the government needs to stop babysitting the citizens and let them learn for themselves.

And hard drugs Mark Clarke. Don't forget those. If you can't casually inject your children with heroin when they get too excited about going on the slide in the park or the ice cream truck, what can you do? Stop holding my hand, government.

Yes definitely. My daughter is now 19. When she was younger she was a nightmare for buying these. The dentist told her she needed to stop drinking them as she now needed a filling something she’d never had before. I couldn’t stop her buying them either. I totally agree with a ban on under 18.

At aged 18, I didn’t really need any extra energy. Now I’m 35 with 4 kids, I need all the energy I can get!