Google implemented Improved Control System of Smart Watch

The technology allows you to use a wide range of gestures to interact and control the processes taking place on your smart watch and other types of electronic devices. Depending on whether you move your hand away from the screen or zoom in, you can change the available options.

Electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller in size and in order to effectively manage them you need a different way of interaction, different from the one we have today. Therefore, the problem of interacting with these devices does not lose its relevance.

As Ivan Pupyrev, head of the Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) working group told us:

“We developed a technology where your hands are the only control device.”

The data obtained in the Soli project can be used to control music and even identify certain types of documents. A limited number of developers have already gained access to this technology, and we hope to see results in the near future.