Game World of Warcraft - The Battle for Azeroth begins August 14


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I still havent finished any end game... solo'd vc. Just in time for my birthday! Thanks, Blizzard! August, we got plenty of time to save, The boy- king of the Alliance is weak, and will be crushed under the might of the horde war machine. For the horde!
I think it's a perfect time to hang it up after almost 13 years and say goodbye Azeroth! We conquered the burning legion once and for all and put Sargeras in his place. What an amazing expansion Legion was and I'm happy to end my WoW life where it all started....titans!

They'll figure something out, haha. I was happy enough to finally see Sargeras and Aggramar. That was epic.

I play on the Horde and I still want the Alliance to win. I despise Sylvanas, always have. After what she did in Gilneas my contempt for her has only grown. Baine should have been made Warchief, or Thrall should have saddled up and taken on the responsibility again. The last thing the Horde needs is another war-hungry monster in charge.

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Payge Galpin Lor'themar Theron is currently the leader of the Blood Elves, but having seen power (both magical and political) corrupt the former Sun King, he chooses not to wear the tainted mantle of "King." He instead acts with the direction of his advisors.
His primary advisors include Grand Magister Rommath and Ranger General Halduron Brightwing. but often refers to Aethas Sunreaver and Lady Liadrin as well. It's a similar government to the Dwarves Council of the Three Hammers, however Lor'themar ultimately has the final say as opposed to a 2/3rds vote.
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What I don't get is why does Blizz sell flying mounts for RWM and then take away the ability to fly in the newest content? What I fly over is just trash mobs and land obstacles. You're saying Blizz worked very hard on trash mobs and land obstacles. Also FOR THE HORDE!! Sylvanas doesn't deserve to be warchief... should've been Saurfang. And what do you mean by that? Of course I deserve to be on The dominant Horde.

One movie was fine, but more would be better. There is so much story left. The games are for those not already burnt out. The movies are for everyone. This expansion began for me quite some time ago, since most know that instanced pvp.. well, yeah. Anyways, I decided to make the world my battleground, and it's been rather.. interesting. I generally only log on and chill outside of Karazhan, a place that has sort of become a battleground to me, it has flying, is in a pretty restricted area, and being Alliance, on Sargeras, means the Horde are literally, the Horde. It's been worth continuing my subscription to a game I've played as long as my daughter has been alive. Ion is a truly brilliant man, and I have faith in him and the squad. I'm at Kara right now, Rogue and Protection Warrior - Sargeras.

I'm hoping BFA will be good and will stick to the good ole faction wars. But as we get closer to BFA I start to wonder what the next expansion will be. It'd be sweet to see The Lich King(Bulvar) make a return and be a new raid boss. Illidari vs Death Knights
😂 too bad we can't see Illidan vs Arthas 2