Full Patch Notes 27/06/2018


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Just waiting for a legacy mode that brings back all of the old versions of the Champs and items. Current league isn't fun anymore. I want to see my supports actually be good again, their shields are worthless now, and their heals are bad too now, even despite that pointless ardent nerf. I myself miss the old league. Oh i'm glad you ask have you heard about League Of Memories? No? Check it out! A way to enjoy LoL again? If it's not total crap, I'm all for it! Edit: It's a great idea, but it needs some real help at the moment. I can't even change the install location or confirm my email. This is actually a great idea. It could be a rotating map and have classic champs pre reworks. Since tencent takeover,league isn't fun ... i have feeling in the future they'll merged league with arena of valor... Yes! First nerf my k6 then nerf irelia but keep buffing yi wtf? Not to mention the infinty edge change and rage blade nerf. ADCs are literally dead atm!! Ty Riot Games. I quit a couple months ago. Life is so much better. Yeah. I miss the old ad malzahar. THat was my favourite. That's just a sad and sorry opinion. Get with the times or find something else. I was one of the few who actually liked old karma.
In this context, unnecessary and unmotivated love for a glorified and nonexistent past when things were "right", and are not anymore.
This era never existed, you just don't love the game anymore.
The sooner you will accept it, the sooner you will stop bothering us on social media with your whining expectations.
So they're nwrfing one of the only viable adcs remaining? Why not just remove the adcs from the game at this point?
So again, nerf one of the few viable marksmen left rather than buff the others? You should work for Riot.

Marksmen aren't garbage just because Lucian is somewhat strong. They're garbage because crit items are mad expensive, healing/shielding got heavily nerfed, and fleet footwork got gutted. It's no wonder double bruiser + relic is a thing now and the only marksmen you ever see in the game are either Lucian, Kaisa, or Draven. And they're not even that good when you can just nuke them since they can't even sustain themselves anymore. Irelia doesn’t need an adjust. She needs a nerf
Nobody cares, the games garbage, take it back 4 seasons or so to when it actually mattered what you built and towers were actually something to be wary off.
And Brand's early nuke damage is still left unchanged. Thanks a lot Rio He is skillshot bassed except E so simply learn to dodge. When he miss W/Q u simply jump on him and kill him. He is not OP.
Still no Conqueror nerfs, no towers buff, no crit itens cost reduction, no effective counter play to some champions. More one patch of no fun.
Once denied a Triple to a Nasus with Nami and I was dead ! 3 people in base, Nasus was about to die so I figured I would use redemption to save him...turns out the 3 enemies were low enough and killed them all with Redemption XD tbh it was insane !