Fiji Water Girl: Legal battle for Golden Globes model


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She needs to be compensated for the additional campaign usage. It would be worth paying her accordingly. As all the attention was great for Fiji. Her agency should be fighting for her, not with her.

Even cosplayers are getting in on the hype!

Brand power is a powerful tool. That's why she was there.

She was hired for the day event, not a full campaign. I am sure the contract didn't include beginning an entire campaign, based on her only.

Pay your talent! I've been in this industry for 5+ plus years. She excelled at her role. Treat her fairly.

Go get your money Fiji water girl.

She's just thirsty.

She did this to celebs at the golden globes and now moaning about it happening to her. Oh the hypocrisy.

Feuding with Fiji Water and not Fiji.

She needs to get over herself.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

Good for her. Those people can afford to pay.

I'm beautiful so pay me.

The beginning and end of a career. Next year get a real girl from Fiji to promote the water.

not a better way to start a career.

Excellent news BBC !!! Keep it coming !!!

She wanted exposure and now she’s griping about it. Money money money.

Jeez, Girl, you got a ton of exposure. Must be better ways to capitalize on it.

Fiji Water Girl Legal battle for Golden Globes model.jpg

I'm from Fiji Island where this Fiji Water originate from. This should be interesting.

Good luck with that. I'm sure they covered all those legal loopholes.

The fiji water comes from a hose in the back of their plant.

So it's "simple greed". As opposed to the more complex greed of this corporation, which plastic bombs the entire world in the pursuit of profit?

Why is this news. This culture of celebrity worship is sad.

She’s gonna pay for her and their lawyer.

Thirsty for MORE attention, I see 🤣😂🤣😂 You GO girl....Fight the Corporation!!

you can't have it both ways.....

give her life time supply of fiji water.

Um, didn't she sign a release so that they could use her image? Isn't that the most basic premise of how modeling works??

Our water just got more recognition 😂😂😂..... Toso Viti.

Is this BBC World news or someone is using Their brand name?. The kind of world news.

bbc news be like someone took a photo of some girl holding water somewhere you don't care about.