Fellow comedians hit out at Louis CK's stand-up return


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Thank God hes back.

Mark Allan I genuinely don't think he's trying to be edgy. Joe Rogan said it, if Louis CK booked a stadium tomorrow people would sell it out.

Louie would sell out Madison Square Garden right now.

Netflix will resign him and give him specials that's already known in the comedy circuit.

I don't condone what he did, but it doesn't seem right he was lumped in with Weinstein, as if those situations were at all the same. People were getting painted with the broadest of brushes.

Richard Steven Jones Than it appears you have no idea what he did.

We just all should be able to make our own choice. Someone like this should not be brought out unannounced.

Allison Marie, refresh my memory. In all honesty, maybe I don't know. I heard a few stories, but I'll admit if I don't know the full scope of it.

he asked some women if he could jerk off in front of them and they said yes.

Lorin Shipps wrong.

Lorin Shipps is correct. The accusation is that his power in comedy coerced them to say "yes". They were all free to leave. No one was forced, but then the court of public opinion decided to bring out their torches.

Justine Parker so all the media outlets and the accusations and what Louis CK said were wrong?

Cameron Kortze they didn’t say yes. CK didn’t wait for an answer. He admitted his wrongdoing. Whether the women he randomly jerked off naked in front of forgave him or he has changed his ways, I’ve no idea.

I don’t know, but was he ever convicted of anything? If not, then isn’t he legally innocent? If people don’t like him, don’t watch his shows.

People weren't given a choice to NOT watch him without physically leaving the building.

Many, many things are considered "legal" but that doesn't make them morally right. Upskirt photography, revenge porn, hidden cameras in public bathrooms, refusing to give jobs to women because they balked when you whipped your dick out in a business meeting: all legal, all repugnant.

Amanda Gemmill-Strauss none of those are legal. Try again.

Matt Flowers upskirting is legal in the uk currently, though parliament were looking to change that.

Most of those things are not legal, at least where I prosecuted. The point is whether a person has been convicted or at least successfully sued. You can’t just shout “witch” and then destroy someone. On the other hand people can choose not to attend someone’s show. Without a conviction or some other judicial finding of fact, how can anyone say with certainty that a person did the acts complained of?

He’s an admitted predator and creep. He just needs to go away.

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Matt Flowers I like that you think disagreeing with me makes things true. 12 states currently have absolutely no laws against revenge porn, and Texas just blocked one such law this year due to "first amendment violations". Many others have only enacted them in the last year as add-on misdemeanors to existing harassment laws. Upskirting/non consensual pics in public places are still legal in multiple states. Louis CK faced no criminal charges despite admitting to exposing his genitals and masturbating in front of female business associates multiple times against their wishes.

Idk, does his own admission count?

Did you read the article? It says he admitted it.

How does that protect women who work at the clubs?

In all Lous' alleged abuse cases, there has been a consent admited by the second party. Whats disconcerting is all the people who think that an individual doesnt have freedom of choice when facing "power". That the women were so weak they couldnt've said no, only because Louis has money and fame. That says it all about you.

The stand-up comedian made no reference to his past sexual misconduct in his unannounced comedy club appearance.

Unannounced, so no one in the audience had the opportunity to decide for themselves if they wanted to spend their time and money on his act and all of the sexual assault victims in the audience could add a little trauma to their evening out. Whatever promoter thought it was a good idea to spring him on an unconsenting audience must be really great at their job. Don't give anyone a chance to object and ensure a full house. Sounds reasonable to me.

Keep it up ck.

Surprise gig isnt necessarily the way to go but at the end of the day it's the paying public who makes the decisions who is comeback worthy. Everyone can decide for themselves if they want to go see Louis Ck gig, watch a Roman Polanski or Woody Allen movie or listen to R Kelly.

Welcome back LOUIE C.K.!

Anyone remember That guy not very famous BILL CLINTON?

maybe if the article had gotten quotes from legit comedians, i'd take it seriously. ian karmel? allie goertz? melinda hill? real game changers there.

i'll bet dollars to donuts the comedy community in general supports louis coming back.