Far-right, anti-fascists clash in east German town of Chemnitz


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Far right? No.... just regular citizens who are sick and tired of being told by Merkel and other political elitists that they have to accept being overrun by migrants who are hell bent on spreading their backwards ideology.

Karel Sternlieb they are against islamisation of Europe, don't you see that islamisation of europe is well-planned?

Don't mind her. She is from the US. Most likely she has no idea about anything (even the ground she is standing on) so move on.

If these people raise their hands for the nazi salute they are no regular citizens.

Those salutes and symbols look pretty far right to me.

Itzaz Hussain yes, that's why so many men from Afganistan, Pakistan, Iran and other muslim countries from Asia and Africa come to Europe. Btw I guess that you are a muslim so you understand what's going on.

Joanna if you believe on a man walking over water and a woman being made from a rib from a man than surely you can believe any conspiration theory about an preplanned islamisation of Europe. It is obvious after all what they plan to achieve with this (but any hints are deeply appreciated).

I live in Germany and if you reckon those protesters are ‚far right‘ then you have not really ever seen ‚proper far right‘ protesters taking to the streets.
These are just citizens that are sick to their teeth of Germany having massive problems with so called ‚immigrants‘ or assylum seekers since ‚Aunty Angela’ swung our doors wide open; people that think the law has nothing to do with them. Any snowflakes wanting to tell me their not all the same and are all helpless etc etc, I invite you to witness a group of 8-15 of them entering my former local supermarket (Lidl), walking around eating & drinking their way through all isles and then just sauntering out as if their behaviour is ok.
The shop assistants are too scared to confront a larger group and by the time the police is here, they have gone.

There should be proper screening at the borders. Don’t allow anybody in unless they satisfy the criteria.

If that’s happening then it’s not immigration that’s to blame, it’s the lack of effective policing.

If the existing rules and laws were applied and enforced then a lot of these issues would go away.

Immigration and integration is a positive force, but the rule of law must be upheld to prevent immigration becoming seen as a ‘problem’.

Sounds about white 😒 How dare they walk in a group when they're out around those "ordinary" people. Eating and drinking.... how dare they! Racist much?!

It's funny when you look at these responses to your comment. People either throw away all the other facts, saying that protesters are actually 'nazi', not relating to disturbances that you mentioned whatsoever or they try to blame the state of Germany law which cannot enforce it's rules. So we can safely assume that whenever someone is raped, murdered or harassed - you should blame not the wrongdoers but people who cannot stop them. That's ridiculous.

These people came from an entirely different culture. The store clerk should explain to them that is not allowed instead of being "scared". Why be scared? Try getting to know them. Have some compassion for people just because they look and act different doesnt mean they're terrible people. Obviously there's bad people of every race but theres more good than bad. Im sure these people dont want to be there but its their only choice and I would imagine they are very scared. Maybe the store can get signs in their native language to say the rules "No eating or drinking inside" "Must pay before leaving store" etc.

If she is shocked by that behaviour wait until she sees how the Germans behave in Malloca, specially in El Arenal....

They are only protesting because of the ridiculous immigration policies. Just ask the many victims of migrants.

Those who make peaceful resolution impossible will just make violent retribution inevitable.

The protests are in response to the violence committed by illegal Muslim migrants who have no respect for the West or its laws. So there is the culprit.

This is not just the 'Far Right' it's ordinary people too. If the governments don't change their ways it'll happen here too.

"demonstrators openly using the Nazi salute"
"chasing and attacking people of foreign appearance"
"But all marched together, chanting the old Nazi slogan "Lügenpresse" (lying press)." (Boy that sounds like 45)

Boy doesn't that sound familiar? Let's see, what WW was it? Who's behind it? Doesn't that say it all? Could it maybe be,......uh Nazis?

As soon as there is any protest the media label the people far right. No, they are ordinary people frustrated with the situation.

The tragic irony is if coursre, that the "German hero" the Nazi scum is marching for was half Cuban and liked left-wing content in his fb-page...

If Putin doesn't have a hand in this, I'm a Dutchman.

It’s funny how you guys don’t call Black Lives Matter far right when they protest about the same sort of thing!

Hate is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. This is what the current occupant of the WH is spreading.

Any citizen who is sick and tired of the behaviour of immigrants is branded far right. Wake up and listen to the concerned masses who have had enough.

All those far right laying flowers and lighting candles ohh my BBC.

These comments show why U.K. is heading for its own disaster on so many fronts, from so many groups on both sides.

Es war und ist ja nicht nur diese eine Tat. So wie der Messerstecher nicht nur diese eine Tat begangen hat sondern deren viele. Die Menschen haben Angst vor Angriffen, vor Überfällen, vor Einbrüchen. Bei denen die Täter fast immer davonkommen und jeder als Rassist beschimpft wird, der etwas dagegen sagt. Hier hat sich der Ärger Raum gegeben.

It’s not the far right it’s people protesting against a sexual assault and a stabbing of two german citizens trying to protect the woman involved in the assault these people are just people protesting and nothing more .

I'm not sure if that means there are thousands of far right extremists in this town? If so, the city has a serious problem with far right extremism. But if it weren't only far right extremists protesting, that would mean that the city has a serious problem with the relations between the immigrants and the rest of the society, which should be looked into and addressed in both groups. It would be great if people from different cultures naturally got on well together, but if it's not the case, pretending that everything is fine and whoever says otherwise is an extremist is a bad tactic and will only increase the tensions.

How about listening to the people about immigration ffs except calling them far right or you may as well call all Muslims terrorist's then.

Well done, Merkel.

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Still not talking about the news on Brexit yesterday I see. Too positive for you was it Auntie? What a bloody shame!

A murder in Chemnitz led to thousands hitting the city's streets. But who’s stirring the protests?

There's nobody stirring the mob as you call them bbc what you and your lefty friends don't seem to understand these are ordinary working people who have had enough of been used as a free meal ticket by you and the dogooders.