EU backs ending daylight saving time


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Wether we change the clocks or not , there is still the same a punt of daylight hours.

I voted Remain but now this is happening I support Hard Brexit.

Brexiteers will use literally anything as ammo.

The original idea for changing the clocks was so that farmers during the war had longer daylight to get the crops in. It is now 2018. Technology has moved on. There is no need whatsoever to fiddle around with the clocks. So we should refer back to our normal time. It will be lighter in Winter hence less accidents and people suffering with lack of natural light. Get a grip because the EU actually dictated to us when to change the clocks because now at the moment change our clocks up to a week earlier then when we originally changed the clocks. We as a country do not need to change. We never did before the war but Europe did.

Given Brexit, of course, it can be confidently predicted that the U.K. will decide on the exact opposite of what it should.

I agree it was done for war time and there no need for clocks going forward or backwards- Just stay on British Summer Time all year.

Thought it was for farmers to have extra daylight? Now that the UK is making a mess of it's trade agreements, we need those farmers out there as long as possible! Let's keep putting our clocks backwards and forwards.

Hurrah change the clocks to permanent summer. I hate the deep dark winter hours, it's so depressing.

This's the only problem junker has nowadays,thinking about the summer clock changes and not about more important matters. Poor Europe.

A few years back I had to explain to a filipino gentleman, the reasoning behind it. Don't start me on it. Lol. One of the hardest speeches I've ever had to make.

Good job we are leaving then !
All hail Brexit
And just look at him. He looks like he can’t even find his own house let alone tell the time !

I wish we did the same just leaving an hour forward I think we all can agree on that.

I think it's a bad thing. The extra hour of daytime in the Winter will contribute to global warming.

The days of the EU meddling in our affairs are nearly done
:D We know the BBC love the Eu and want us to stay but this is one dictat we won't have to follow.

Could never understand the argument that it was for the farmers. They are mainly self employed and live at their place of work. Just get up at any notional time when the need dictates. Why do they need the clock to say a particular time?

Another reason the EU is shooting itself in the foot. Maintaining a universal time regime? Well that's just wonderful, having sunrise at 4am in Poland and 7am in Spain purely for political purposes. The EU should span 2 time zones, if not 3...

“crucial to maintain a unified EU time regime", but there isn’t one at the moment and never has been.

‘In the public consultation, 84% of 4.6 million respondents called for ending the spring and autumn clock change.’

It’s the will of the people! Why is anyone threatening to derail this?!

51% vote: will of the people. 84% support in a public consultation: EU tyranny.

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Won't be taking any notice of that one, only a few months to go and we are out. Leave our clocks alone.

I think leaving our clocks alone is what is being proposed.

Peter Silva-Jankowski unfortunately Andrew Wingham is another brexiteer who opens their mouth without thinking or checking facts,hence why the UK is in the situation,dire situation that it is in.

Summertime, and the livin' is easyyyy !
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is hiiiiiiigh !

We don't change the clocks in Russia. Permanent summer time.

Oh my goodness, people in the UK have always argued for this anyway, so what’s the issue!

We definitely need a second referendum. This is a deal breaker.

We do this in the US and I would love to see it end. It’s confusing and I hate the loss of sleep.

About time.

Now only if the US would follow suit.

It's GMT for Britain. Let's govern ourselves.

I strongly disagree with this. If we are permanently in summer surely global warming will increase. We are doing so much damage to the planet as it is, making it permanently summer will just make it worse. Think of the ice caps.

It won't be permanent summer -the seasons will still change?
It just means that the clocks won"t go back and forward, therefore staying lighter at night!

Eve Shaw you clearly don't understand science. Summer = hot. So keeping it at summer the whole time will ruin the planet even more. If you support this idea then you have polar bear blood on your hands.

God I hope this is a joke.

Very droll.

And we need to think of nature Eve. If it's lighter at night then the bats and other night time animals will get confused and probably die.

I thought it was a joke, then Charlie kept on talking and now I'm not so sure.....

Mark Tetley jokes are supposed to be funny. What's funny about a bunch of dead polar bears and bats?

I don't usually understand science but I believe Charlie Thomas hypothesis to be scientifically will mean 12 months of permanent summer time!!!! Though I don't understand sarcasm either so.....

Brilliant idea !! Have never seen the point in the clock change anyway.

Anything for longer daylight... Hate dark evenings.

Finally! It’s about time.