Emails while commuting 'should count as work'


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I never do any work outside of work. I refuse. Even if I was asked to do it for overtime I would say no. People need to understand the more you do the more they think you are coping with the workload. Same as having a working lunch don't do it. Walk away from your place of work to have your meal break. Your employer pays for you to have that break. If they don't like it and give you grief join a union. If they were to sack you for not keeping up to pace with workload then you can appeal in a tribunal and you would win. Start doing it today and keep a page by page diary doting down everything you do each hour as evidence. Remember while you are working the CEO is not doing a quarter of the work you are doing and he is probably not even in work.

Very well said sir. You have all the points.

Otherwise you will lose your job.

Ruslan Sharifov why would you lose your job. If your job is say 9 - 5 Monday to Friday with a hours meal relief each day and you have a signed contract of employment what are you doing wrong.

If you do not have a contract of employment then your employer is breaking the law. It's the same as if they are not supplying a work place pension. They are breaking the law. Ask your employer for both of these today. Don't let them walk all over you that is why this topic is on the link because people are too afraid to change and ask questions to their employer. Don't be scared we all need to start doing this.

I understand that different job roles have different responsibilities but we can always deal with anything on our return. If your employer politely asks you to work through your lunch break due to an urgent matter and you are ok to do that just tell them ok i will finish an hour earlier today as I have not taken my meal break today.

I know it's hard to speak up and it can be intimidating but employers do walk all over their staff not because they shout at us or order us around or add workload. A lot of the modern day problems we have caused ourselves and we all need to adapt.

Thank you Leah Baldry believe me I am no expert on anything I just know from experience. I was the same and one day I just said to myself enough is enough and started to change.

Why save your employer even 1 pound when he is actively trying to pay you the least amount possible?

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They are not checking or sending emails.
😂 they are reading stories from BBC News & reading social media posts & comments.

Returning critical emails after hours means a cleaner slate when you start work, and that's always a bonus.
But, people on their phones tend not to give issues the attention they might deserve; skipping emails in the chain or not grasping the full situation, which just causes more work and chaos for everyone else. If you can focus, and it's urgent, have at it. But leave the less urgent for the business day..

Just a choice, no need to over think it.