E-commerce is a Myth. What you think?

... in any case, as an alternative trade, built on some other principles than commodity-money exchange, existing for millennia.

Blind faith in this myth costs many, not even a fortune, but to lose more - a stretch of life spent on a test, disappointment, understanding and searching for oneself in the real, not imagined world.

It is generally accepted that e-commerce is trading through the Internet. But the Internet voguemagazin.com/read-blog/619_why-seo-digital-marketing-is-essential-for-a-business.html is just a telecommunications network. Through its communication channels, it is possible to transmit only information, but not physical goods.

Yo-mine. Well, just for understanding ...
Pictures and texts reflect reality just as promises satisfy hunger. Your monitor is displaying color incorrectly. Internet apples have no smell and their freshness is not clear, you cannot understand the convenience of using a phone by its 3D twist. And how is a computer coat sewn?

Trading via the Internet is the same as on the market, instead of placing a fruit tray, put a computer with pictures of apples, an orange, a banana - show pictures, accept money and promise to bring it in a couple of days. No, you can! But even then, it’s the same trade, not only through the counter, but “according to the patterns”. This type of trade existed a hundred years ago. And the role of the seller, the accuracy of the marketing mix (4P), the speed and number of contacts with potential buyers, in such "electronic" trading, is no less than a hundred years ago.

It turns out that “electronic business” or “electronic commerce” is not a business at all and not a commerce. The Internet is simply the use of electronic systems gupag.com/read-blog/6143_why-video-advertising-via-social-media.html for the exchange of commercial or business information, its processing and storage. No no! I’m not really talking about a “business selling electronic goods bought and consumed electronically”: computer software, e-books, purchase coupons. No, I'm talking about everything about everything - about the constantly propagated fake idea of the universal replacement of an offline business with an online one. About the fact that the “new” online business needs new online marketing, advertising - invented, made and considered somehow “in a special way” and “in a new way”.

But sorry:
A template of an online store bought and hanged on a domain is just bought software. And now, instead of promoting goods already manufactured and lying in the warehouse, you will have to first unwind the online store for a long time. And the money spent on ensuring the turnover of goods and capital will now have to be spent on the purchase of a domain, software, promotion and promotion of the trading platform itself. While we untwist the site, I understand. And when will the business begin?
An advertising banner on a donor site works on the same principles as an outdoor advertising banner on a 3x6 billboard. Well, he cannot work otherwise, because he advertises the same products, and is aimed at the same potential buyers. Behind the information on the banner is the same marketing mix, and the consumer will have to “cool off” in a complex manner - all the same as before - guided by the principles of the promotion mix.
Insolent headline, stimulating click - cannot sell. Gather "clickers" may lead to the site of the search engine bot - maybe. But sellers sell only when: they know how to sell, have the right product, the right price and the complex that helps sell related services like soical marketing nolamotor.com/NOLAforum/showthread.php?tid=28677. They sell, consider, ship, deliver and provide services to those who have done this before.

So the fact is that “online business” is not something fundamentally different, but Internet advertising is just one of the information channels available to popularize and attract attention. And it’s good if this channel is more effective than, say, TV. It’s bad if they’re engaged in online advertising simply because it’s easier and less stressful to do advertising or just because “everyone” does it.